Adding or Subtracting WOs to Plans

Hi all,

about a month ago I completed SSBMV 1, took a week or so off due to work travel and a slight cold. I then began SSBMV 2 the following week and started out strong. the following week I got the flu and took over a week off the bike. After reading several posts and topics on continuing plans after sickness, I originally decided to push the plan a week and continue from where I left off. This plan derailed shortly after due to residual fatigue and not being completely over the flu (congestion, tiredness, overall crummy feeling). My next decision was to just scrap it and start over from the beginning of SSBMV 2 but after some more thinking and the weather starting to turn slightly more favorable here in the Mid West, US I’ve considered switching to SSBLV 2 and adding workouts and supplementing with commuting to work.

So my question to you is, would you stick with a MV plan and subtract workouts on days you commute or add to a LV plan on days you aren’t able to commute?

My current commute is 17 miles one way with an easy option to add miles on my commute home. Right now I have been able to commit to one day a week with weather and things going on at work but hopefully as the weather gets better adding to the amount of days. Weekends should also be able to commit to one day 3 hour group ride.

Thanks for any and all input

I think this question implies a flawed assumption - that commutes and workouts are equal to each other. But a commute is unlikely to give you the specific workout and adaptations of a Spencer +2 or a Leconte (which appear in both plans).

I would just try to stick to a plan, and do your commutes at low/steady intensity. You can even do a hard workout and a steady commute on the same day, as long as you keep that commute easy and you’re properly fuelled.

If you do any substitutions, it should be for the Thursday and/or Sunday workouts.