Adding a Recovery Week to POL mid-vol plan

I’m on the 6 week mid-volume POL plan, with additional endurance volume. (prefer higher TSS and a 5 days/week schedule). Now, it’s week 4 and I would like to do a recovery week. The plan doesn’t include one.

The recovery week I want looks like week 4 of the current plan minus 50% # intervals for the LT and VO2Max sessions, per Stephen Seiler podcast.

What’s the best way to achieve this on the TR platform, particularly considering AT?

  1. Create a Time Off annotation and craft my own recovery week? I reckon this effectively turns a 6 week into an 8-week plan (3 up / 1 down / 3 up / 1 down), which isn’t an issue for me.
  2. Leave the plan as-is and complete half the intervals when it comes to the LT and VO2Max sessions?
  3. Something else?
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