Added C race… all upcoming workouts suddenly breakthroughs

I’ve already reached out to support, but just interested if anyone has had a similar experience.

Yesterday I did two things that might have messed with this:

  1. I rode outside and found a workout that matched time, TSS, NP and the “feel” of surges… primary was endurance and made no changes, but somehow the secondary made my tempo jump from 1.9 to 10. There were no AT changes recommended at that time

  2. I added a C race in a months time. Planning to test myself on a hill climb and just wanted TR to replace that day’s workout with the hill climb. Looked like it worked just fine.

Now this morning when I look in all of my SS and V02 work are in the breakthrough category going forward and my threshold work is either stretch or breakthrough. Any ideas? Of course I plan to hear what support can say about my case specifically, but wondering if anyone has insight into this sudden change.