Add Labels for "Actual" and "Plan"

The request is to label which column is plan versus which is actual somewhere on each screen that uses it. Currently the Plan and Actual data – both Hours and TSS-- are separated with a “/” but there’s nothing indicating which is which is Plan and which is Actual.

Why #1? Unfortunately, there’s no convention in the world, which means some of us are presented with both orders throughout the day as we go from one system to another. For example, at work my reports show Plan vs. Act. The TR is Act vs Plan so I have to rewire my brain before looking at the numbers. I literally have a bookmark for TR just so I have a place to write the order.

Why #2? It will eliminate situations where newbies don’t know what either number means. I am riding with a partner who is new to structured training, she didn’t know what the numbers on the right meant at all, let alone which was plan vs actual. So she ignored them until I explained it on Wednesday. The more empowered a new user feels, and the more they understand how their actions contribute to their training adaptations, the more likely they are to stay with the platform.

Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 11.00.06 AM

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The way i see it is a fraction

10:10 of 9:00

TSS 452 of 402
I understand your want for labels
Even training peaks has it in the other direction but they have the label.

But for me the “/” makes sense in my mind

Looking at the ‘/‘ as a division sign is really helpful: dividing the first number (actual) by the second (plan) would form a rate of completion. Thanks!

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