Add AT response of 'bad route selected'

Not sure of this has been covered elsewhere, but could there be an ‘I chose a bad route’ option in the reasons a workout failed?

I just messed up an over under workout, and in the feedback I marked it as other, but I imagine this might happen more often than sickness or equipment failure ( I hope :slight_smile: )

I recall “Traffic” as an option in one of the surveys, but I don’t know which one… What was it about the route that led to you failing the workout?

The workout was Warlow+1, and I chose a route that had too many corners to allow me to do the overs properly. The power profile ended up looking like 5x9 of threshold without the over parts…

Still a good workout in gorgeous weather though! :grinning:

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the specific cause is not important, there are so many valid reasons for a failed workout, for example less time then anticipated came across in another topic or disturbed by … . Specially with kids, you might encounter that more then you would like :smiley:

But the goal is to tell AT that the reason is external and nothing more. If you want to store more information, you can put it in the notes.