Adaptive Training Is Now Out of Beta & Fully Available to All TrainerRoad Athletes!

Ahh yeah you’re right…I just clicked on the most recent one. Definitely nothing to worry about but there are some interesting discrepancies.

This is from the ‘Recent Workouts’ list:


And this is from the completed workout screen:


Though when you look at the source workout page it shows 61 TSS. So I’m not sure where those differences are coming from.

Yeah. I think that’s maybe a bug.

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I had a surprising result from a workout last night. I was at a 4.5 PL for Sweetspot & completed Carson +2 which is a 5.8 & labelled as Stretch for me. I entered “Moderate” for the survey response but my PL did not change. I contacted support & was advised that my level did not change due to my survey response & if I thought my PL should increase, I should change my survey response to Easy so I did but my level still has not changed. This seems odd to me, think I’m going to have to contact support gain.

Hmm there definitely shouldn’t be a discrepancy in display for the same completed workout. Can you check in with about that?

Hi there,

I’m not sure if this is me lacking understanding about how plan builder works, but is it possible to use adaptive training when adding Individual Training Phases to the calendar?

My use case right now: I’m not sure if my A event next year will be in June or September (or really any of my B/C events either). This information should be coming out over the next couple of months. So, I don’t really see the value is using plan builder seeing as it won’t be accurate for a few months.

However, I know I want to do a block of sweet spot base 1 right now, but after adding it to calendar from the “Individual Training Phases” section Adaptive Training isn’t kicking in. My main reason for wanting to use AT is that I am returning to training after quite some time off, so will likely see quick gains in the near future (also I am doing additional workouts).

Would it be possible to implement AT for Individual Training Phases added to calendar, or does that fly in the face of selecting these non-customised plans too much?

Apologies if already asked, I am currently using TR on a relatively old Ipad and still have the previous generation TR app as I had to roll back to this as the latest version had some serious lag issues.

Will I still be able to use AT and fill the survey post workout on the previous gen app?
Should I alternatively complete the workout on the Ipad and fill the survey on my phone instead on which I have the latest version of the TR app?


You can do the Workouts on the old app, but all the AT workings will be done via the new app on your phone.

  • No, AT must be used with Plan Builder at this time. Manually added plans are not connected to AT.
  • It sounds like they hope to add this in the future, but you can’t do it now.
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Its accurate enough, as you’ll be typically doing a base then build phase prior to specialty. If it was me, I’d just put a race date of June 1st into plan builder and start from there. Once dates are firmed up you can adjust the calendar and let plan builder update the plan, or re apply a new plan. Either way you can therefore use AT in meantime. :slight_smile:


thanks, so the post-workout survey will appear on the new app once I open it?

The latest iOS and Android app versions have full AT functionality with post-workout surveys. :sunglasses:


Many thanks,

My doubt was about the fact that I will be doing the workouts on the old app (on my iPad) and then I would have to switch to the new one on my phone to fill in the survey.

But from what I gather it should be doable then.

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Just an idea, but having just finished my TT season, I wanted to do further training on my climbing and endurance, and before I start the base phase again, without having a clear event, (except well into next year) so basically I lied to PlanBuilder.

I invented an A race late November, and again a B race just before Christmas, that I called “Dummy 4 hour climbing race”.

That allowed PlanBuilder to come up with the sort of plan I was after (building VO2 max and endurance), that will work and use AT, without me having a genuine event.

I preume I can simply change the event at some point, get PlanBuilder to replan my season, using what it already has.

So simple solution: lie to Plan Builder :slight_smile: (But don’t let on you did will you :slight_smile: )


Possible bug? This is the second time that it’s popped an alert letting me know I have adaptations pending, but when I scroll down, it doesn’t show any changes. I’ve hit accept both times, but :man_shrugging:

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Pretty sure this is a bug with the screen sizing and it is very problematic with triathlon plans. If you have multiple workouts in a day the adaptations don’t show because the rows in the calendar have a fixed height.

I always check my adaptations on the browser because they show up there. Check the browser next time?

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I tried looking for the answer of this question but can’t find it.
I’m looking to increase my TTE by building my workout levels, so I want to skip my FTP test before the start of the next block (build).
Has anyone, I’m sure someone has, skipped the Ftp test? If so, what happens to your levels?

Nothing other than the normal decay from the rest week (or change in zone focus)

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Not done an FTP test all summer since I haven’t ridden indoors since March. You get just a bit more decay.

Today’s workout (Ericsson+2) was done outdoors and I got a new survey! The Outdoor Workout survey. What’s more it was presented before the system did its “Checking for Adaptations” thing which has been a bit of a bug in the desktop calendar view.

@IvyAudrain I know the TR team are working on getting PL to associate with unstructured outdoor rides triggering adaptions (and its much appreciated :+1: ) But are outdoors rides associated with races missed at the moment too?

Has anyone else had adaptations suggested after an unstructured outdoor ride?
On Saturday I went for a quick spin and listed the effort as moderate. Immediately after that I was prompted that I had adaptations pending.