Adaptive Training is now in Open Beta!

I’ve been wondering this too actually.

Recently I have been upping a few workouts approx 5% and then marking them as either moderate or hard depending on how I felt but I can’t work out if its taking this bump into account or not.

If you bump up the intensity, I think it might be better to mark it as moderate to get better future adaptations. That’s what I would do if I were in your shoes. They don’t take into, account as far as I know, bumping intensity manually.

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Well they are still the same rating w.r.t. your current PL whether or not you have completed them?

So if your PL is 4.0 an 8.0 PL workout is going to be described as Breakthrough. However if you fail the workout, I would have expected AT to adjust the PL of the next VO2 workout downwards to something closer to your current PL. I also don’t think it should be serving you an e.g., 8.0 workout in that case in the first place, but that’s a different Q - see below. I think I was given some Stretch workouts earlier on though.

Just a sense check - it is a plan from Plan Builder right? Otherwise it’s not going to adapt and you’ll be left with the default plan PLs (just asking in case, as it would explain why you’re being served such hard workouts in the first place…).

I also don’t think it does account for manual intensity changes - what I do is leave the intensity rating, then say the workout was easy, which means the next workout in that zone should get adjusted upwards. I guess if it was a case of just not completing the workout otherwise, I’d have to reduce it like you did - but as above I would expect a fail survey from that and then I’d expect AT to make the next similar workout easier.

Yup in Plan Builder.

Only two adjusted workouts so I’ll try actually failing instead of adjustments next time and see if it adapts.

Then I’ll let y’all know.

If it is giving you the fail survey then I would be expecting it to adjust the next one down, so it is weird that it’s not doing that

To me, that feels a bit like gaming the system which I don’t like. I feel that if I bump the intensity which then changes a workout from something I would mark as “easy” to something I feel is “hard” then I should mark it as such.

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For sure but until they can attribute PL gains for upping intensity, that’s what I would do or not bump up intensity at all and mark how it felt. Maybe try to pick harder workouts those days you feel “fresh”?

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Yes indeed, cutting a long story short, I’m just at the start of a block, fresh off a ramp test last week so not exactly sure where my levels are at :slight_smile:

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Only thing I can think of is had a FTP bump recently and can’t get lower.

Although there’s easier VO2 workouts so we’ll see.


I also have a question about Progression Levels, AT and planned workouts. I am on a Midvolume plan and did a Ramptest on Monday, increased my FTP by ~7%, now my progression levels on the Career Page are in the range of 1.x (only Endurance is more 3.x).
Now for tomorrow AT planned “Sewell” VO2 max with a 5.1 for me. It is set as Breakthrough workout but it looks more like a “will fail” workout to me with intervals at 5min 106% of my new FTP.

Next week is among others 5.1 VO2max, a 4.5 Threshold, 3.5 Sweet Spot. This sounds pretty hard based on the current progression on the career page.

Is this intended to ramp up like this and I am just whiny or is this maybe a mistake? Should I choose alternates that seem more reasonable or try to push through and trust the plan?

Thank you

AT should adjust down the workouts for your new PLs.

Just checking that the plan has been added via Plan Builder, and that you are currently in the block to which these workouts relate? (I guess you are as you’ve done the ramp).

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Yes, I follow a Training plan build via Plan Builder and it said after the ramp test that it will adjust things but then I did not really see adjustments on the app.

Just out of curiosity I just logged in into the Web browser and wanted to change the plan to low volume to see if that changes things BUT in there it actually said there were adaptations pending, which did not show up on mobile or the app on my computer. I accepted the adaptations and the workouts seem more reasonable now.

@bobmcstuff thank you for your reply, it made me investigate more knowing that these workouts were probably not correct. :slight_smile:

Glad to be of service :wink:

Yep it shouldn’t be giving you breakthroughs all the time. I think I had a few Stretch ones earlier on in my plan, so don’t be surprised if there is the odd Stretch workout given.

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OPE, sorry for the confusion, glad those adaptations popped up on the web! They arent always immediately viewable via mobile. :+1:

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Which plan and what did you do before?

Is there a way to accept some adaptations but not all? My current block is the polarized block so it has VO2 workouts on Tuesday and Threshold on Thursday. I am getting adaptations on both but I would like to keep the VO2’s as they are scheduled but I want to accept the adaptations to the thresholds.

It doesn’t seem possible to me but maybe there is a work around other than just noting the new threshold workouts, rejecting adaptations, and then swapping those workouts when I get to them.

Maybe it is possible and I just missed that option so any help is appreciated!

It would be nice if there was a “Approve All” and “Approve Selected” option for more flexibility.


I like that!

Passing this along to the team again as a feature request!

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