Adaptive Training for Triathletes?

I’ve never posted here before, and I probably don’t follow along as closely as I should. But here goes… I just got access to “train Now”. Looks like a good idea. But how can this work for multisport athletes? As currently set-up, I suspect “Adaptive training” may be useless for multisport athletes, as it doesn’t take into account TSS from other sports( I realize AT is more than just TSS) I don’t even think there’s a way to upload my run workouts at all, even to just keep track of them. Or am I missing something there? As it stands now, I think I am running far too much to use adaptive training on the bike.

Amber went through this on the podcast. AT will automatically change bike sessions alright. The run and swim sessions will change weekly in future. I think they’ll be moved forward and back depending on your response - I guess from an RPE questionnaire once you’ve completed/failed the workout. Not ideal but something I guess. They spoke about the complexity of trying to factor in three different sports. I would imagine anything more advanced is a long way away.