Adaptive Training: Did you improve?

I have started SSB LV 1 with adaptive training and it certainly gives me a more sustainable ramp rate. I don’t anymore feel completely destroyed by the workouts (especially from week 3 onwards). I did not (and so did most of us as of now) go through a complete base-build-specialty cycle with AT, but my progress feels more sustainable with AT than without it.

This summer I was mostly doing unstructured outdoor rides, but I was using train now (another version of AT) where it would recommend me a workout. I mostly chose sweet spot and threshold workouts because they aligned with my goals of being able to take turns at the front of a group, and sure it did help. I was also able to maintain my hard-earned fitness from structured training throughout the winter. I would like to know how AT is working for you guys? Did it improve your performance? I would like to hear your perspectives!

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I did an entire base build specialty cycle with AT, I even had a weekly vlog documenting adaptations and what not. I enjoyed the experience and only failed a small handful of workouts, mainly toward the end of specialty when I was racing CX as well. It’s tough to say I’m ‘better’ because I didn’t change my ftp at all, keeping myself at 290 since I tend to manually adjust along the way vs doing formal testing. But I did do a century under 5hrs on my own, and did it at a steady 80% the whole time right after I did ssb hv, for example. I definitely felt good for CX racing, even if my skills were lagging. I may not necessarily be the best case to examine, I’ve been riding a few years and at around 4w/kg I may kind of be where my ftp potential is, but I certainly felt good at the hard stuff with AT

I’m doing ssb1 at the moment, and while I’m using adaptive training for progression levels, I’m taking a lot more control and doing my own endurance progression within the plan. Is AT the best approach to training? Maybe , maybe not, but it’s been fun to progress with harder workouts in the plans