Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

You are lucky man. Thinks worth of trying:

  1. sync activities from Garmin Connect, not from Strava

  2. Have the workouts in outside variant by default (in plan builder, I always say I want to do all my workouts inside so I can see the thumbnails in calendar, then flip them to outside when the time comes).

From my understanding you have to use the TR app to get the survey and they recommend filling it out within 24 hrs.

I use the site to answer the survey but i don’t get any changes in the level. The powertap pedals messed up 1 interval in the end, but still shouldn’t i get some points? (Bird)

Good news! I have deleted my activities uploaded from Strava and manually imported original fit files from Garmin Connect. Finally I can see progression on my outside workouts!

I am not able to submit a response on workouts older than a week, but that is by design I guess.

Now the only worrying thing for me is how the outside workouts are evaluated, I nailed all of of them, most of the work was done on the higher end of ranges, I added some endurance work to most of them and I am feeling fine, so for now I am ignoring pending adaptions that suggest to continue with easier variants.

PS: there should definitely be a place with known bugs and workarounds.


I see the same! I deleted the strava connection and used only garmin connect to upload to trainerroad and did an outside workout now and stuff finally works! I wish this had been stated much more clearly from support on the “outstanding issues” page as it wasn’t exactly obvious to me that strava was the culprit here.

I don’t see any way to manually upload fit-files from Garmin. How did you do that?

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Career → Past Rides → Import button. Took me some time to find it :slight_smile:

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On the Known Issues page, it does reference Strava specifically, but it is combined with the Wahoo issue, which makes it appear as though it is Wahoo-specific rather than a Strava problem. Now we know that Garmin uploads via Strava are running into the same or a similar issue to the Wahoo head units. Makes me wonder if I have my Wahoo upload to Garmin Connect and have that send the info over to TR, if my Wahoo outdoor rides will actually begin to be counted correctly. :thinking:

I have Strava and Garmin Connect. It works fine for me.

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For me Strava+Garmin did not work either. Manual uploads from Garmin Connect and now sync from Garmin Connect only works just fine.

Thanks for the link - so basically hardly anything is registered as wrong :smiley:

Ive emailed support with my problems. Presumably that is the route for beta testers?

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Little off topic but what a progress. What did you do in that ride? :grinning:

Just 2hr z2, actually did 2.5hr as I didn’t realize I had to hit lap buttons (I don’t like doing head unit “workouts” as I just ride free-form). My actual level should be around 10 (3hr Z2 is 10 IIRC), but I have not been doing TR workouts. I figured I’d just bring it up a bit.

That said, I do notice levels degrade after about 3 weeks. My VO2Max dropped from 10 to 6.8 today. My last > 10 VO2 workout was 3 weeks ago. It doesn’t pick up my unstructured rides, which I had on Saturday and lots of VO2 work there. My most recent VO2 indoor workout last week was 6.8. So, that’s interesting to me.

The only level 10 Endurance workout I could find in the TR catalogue is Bandeira, which is 6 hours between 65% and 75% FTP.

More importantly, you can do level 10 VO2 workouts?? :scream: My level seems to peak around 5.5ish, and I can’t imagine getting even to level 6 or 7, let alone level 10.

Thanks, you’re right. I’ve got a 3.5 hour Z2 one, which is 9.3. Custom workout though, with sprints. I’ve got 4.5hr Z2 scheduled for 2 weeks, which is about 9, not really looking forward to that. I’d need to stop to eat, and not not sure how TR will react to that (I normally just ride these, and not try to do a workout). That much Z2 creates an incredible amount of very deep hunger and need to pack lots of PBJ sandwiches and fluids.

Yeah, It is actually > 16. Stuff like “Spanish” is pretty easy for me especially at those power levels and a considerably easier workout than I would normally do. VO2/Anaerobic short repeats are easier for me than steady state stuff. The 4x16 @ 106% in the polarized plan is murder and would not even want try. I might be able to do 2 of those, but 3rd and 4th would bury me. Considering my TTE @ FTP is about 35 minutes, it would all but be a major failure and would take me out for a week or more if I even tried to complete it.

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We can help! Do you just feel that after pushing workouts to Garmin and completing afterward, you’re not getting the adaptations as a result that you’d expect? (Or any?)

I encountered some sub-optimal behaviour changing my workout days today. Not sure if this is the best place for it. What happened as follows:

  • Wanted to change my Tuesday workout to Monday
  • Used the default workout days workaround to change Tuesday to Monday
  • TR moves the workouts, but resets all workouts in current block back to the default (i.e., with no adaptations). That is to say, all workouts, not just the Tuesday ones, were reset to default.
  • For future workouts, this wasn’t a problem as I immediately got the “adaptations pending” notification and the future workouts were adjusted back to what they were before
  • However, AT does not adapt workouts on the current day, so my current day workout went back to the default.

Fortunately I had the planned workout open in a browser tab so I easily found it using alternates and changed it back. But it could be pretty annoying.

Would be much better if you could drag and drop plan workouts without breaking the link to the plan, but I think that still doesn’t work? @mcneese.chad posted about this before and it seemed that the change default days option was the best way to do it.

Also not sure what negative effect there would have been if I just booted up tomorrow’s workout from the app and did it today - would it then see tomorrow’s workout as a skipped workout still?

I appreciate this is relatively minor! But being able to drag and drop workouts around in a week without breaking their link to the plan would be really useful.


Thanks, @IvyAudrain. Yes, that’s the case. I am working with support so thinking my personal interests will be addressed. My point in the post is taking another run at the idea of FAQ/user documentation :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: for those in the beta. Jonathan’s positive response made me wonder if there are some details those of us with some challenges may be missing. The length of the threads related to AT have surpassed their helpfulness to someone with specific questions, or even more importantly, who don’t know what questions they should even be asking.


It seems odd that a Garmin sync is ok, but a Strava sync is not. Isn’t the same data?

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