Adaptive Training and specific workout question

I accepted my AIFTP change and my ramp test was replaced with Heston (7.4). I completed Heston but it pretty much killed me. I use erg mode and for the final couple of 6 second sprints, my cadence slowed to about 60 and I was quite far from my power target.

So I rated the workout as All Out because of intensity.

AT recently increased the difficulty of next week’s similar style workout to Vale (7.8). If I struggled so hard on Heston, why would AT give me Vale? Should I just trust AT, or is this a glitch in the matrix?


Definitely not working as intended. Check in with support.

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Definitely contact support but it looks like the system hasn’t actually gauged that you’ve failed the work out, just you’ve rated a workout all out which would be expected to be all out (as oppose to rating an Endurance work out as all out) and by default would progress. I’m not sure what would have triggered an actual fail though, 14-15% over 6 to 24s does appear to be doing that.

But as an aside ERG will struggle to cope with such short VO2max intervals and I’d spend half my time fighting out of the spiral of death and not actually doing anything productive.

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Thanks. I did end up reaching out to support and they said that the system didn’t register it as a failed workout. I had a 2nd VO2 workout this week, slightly different though, tabata style, no sprints, Merced +1 (7.1) which I completed without issue and rated Very Hard. And seeing that I completed that workout, AT probably assumed a slightly harder VO2 workout was in order and gave me Vale (7.8) for next time. But support did suggest I replace Vale with some thing more along the lines of 7.1-7.5, which I agree with. So I may repeat Heston and see how it goes, or step down to Emmet (6.9) or Castle Crag (7.0).

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