Adaptive training a event training response: "too intense"?

I did my A event yesterday. In the training response menu, I chose “all out” and gave “intensity” as the only reason. Now the A event is rated as “too intense” :laughing:

If it were a workout or C event that would make sense, but how else would you rate an A event if you gave it your all? :wink:


Same happened to me after a b race. All out is how you should feel!!!

That being said the surveys are for checking if your progression is on the right track so the response for an A or even B race is mostly irrelevant.

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The surveys are really tailored for workouts, not races or events. Looking at the extended survey info, you will see the a 5 All Out is a near failure that you barely survive. That may well be true and accurate for some, even many races.

Keep in mind, that since the 5 rating is near failure, TR gives the follow up survey to help understand why it was so hard. Again, normally applied with respect to the training plan and how to adapt it (if at all) to suit your needs.

For reference:


I recommended to support a while back that in the follow up survey after rating a race all out, I think there should be an item to choose to indicate it was a race or competitive event so it can be separated from the other choices. I’ve chosen Intensity for them in the interim as was recommended to me at the time.


Thank you for this guide. I was just accepted into AT, and I was struggling to find context for the ratings.

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