Adaptions and training

Can I turn adaptions off? Every time I login I get recommended to adjust downwards. I’m not stressed by my workouts and would rather staty the same or move up. I have no idea why adaptions think I want to train less but it is annoying.

Yes, it’s in your account settings

Your levels will drop if you don’t complete the Plan Builder planned workouts

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Got it, thanks!

Levels kept decreasing despite completing workouts and marking them as easy. I kept declining the changes.

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I tried to turn mine off a month ago but they still try to adapt. It’s turned off in the app and desktop and have rebuilt my plan several times. Still, they refuse to stop suggestion adaptations. Very frustrating

Contact support. I turned them off temporarily and it worked fine.

Yep @markryd , I did weeks ago :frowning:
A bug report was created. In the meantime I was told to keep declining adaptations. A pain in the ass. Train Now is also messed up as a result