Accounting for training calories

I have been counting macros (calories) and I am wondering how to account for the calories used during my rides. In other words, when I total up my macros I hit about 2260 calories. If I use 1500 calories on a ride, how should I account for this difference in calories? Should I add calories to offset the exercise or just keep the 2260?

Thanks and as always, thank you for the podcast!

Trying to precisely match calories in with calories out when doing volume is very difficult. Historically I’ve overeaten if I try to eat back my calories based on work done. Team SKY can do it, so it’s not impossible, but it’s a tough road to hoe.

I generally just ignore exercise calories. This allows some flexibility in my daily meal plans. I find figuring out my daily calorie allowance and then the corresponding meals to make it up really rigid and hard to stick to. If I know I have 500-1,000 calories up my sleeve from workouts, a small snack of something I feel like doesn’t break my plan or bring on a wave of guilt.