Accountability wager - for charity!

I’m clearly not the first one to say that it’s been a weird year…and am trying to find the right spark to put this year behind me and kick off my 2021 training with a bang. While I’ve ridden a ton of hours in the past - I’ve never been able to find the consistency and focus to really tackle the high volume plans in a quality way, but want to start that now.

Here’s my offer - will take it for up to the first four interested people. Starting next Tuesday, I’m going to knock out the Sweet Spot Base High Volume I plan. This isn’t a huge deal for many, but this plan has stood in my way for a while (long story, but mostly bad workout fueling…) and this is the time I finally crack it.

If I fail to complete this plan, I will donate $250 to the charity of your choice. If I can complete the plan (let’s say I get one missed workout just because “life happens”) with at least 95% intensity on every workout, then you have to donate $25 to No Kid Hungry.

My profile is public, so you can clearly see if I hold up my end of the deal.

Any takers?

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Mate if you want to donate $250 to charity that’s fantastic do it but don’t put yourself into a hole in order to do this. High volume is right for a very small number of athletes, Jonathan has his sights set on a national championship and doesn’t do it.

Mate, I’m in no hurry to see you burnout but, you know you. Have at it!

Hell. I’ll donate £25 to the charity anyway. I don’t need to blow £25 on more cycling ‘stuff’.

Good luck. Just be honest with yourself and don’t dig a hole. Hopefully there’s a whole season ahead of us :+1:


Thanks for the feedback guys - definitely appreciate it. Agree the big deal here is being honest with my progress and pulling the plug if it gets overwhelming. I think for me this is about giving myself the right motivation to really give it my best shot, as opposed to jumping around plans, not making nutrition a focus, etc.

Given how expensive 1-1 coaching is, even if I can’t make this work and donate to charity - I may still be better off ahead from the lessons I learn giving it a go…

No worries. It’s good to push ourselves but we’re no good to anybody if we’re broken. Best of luck :+1: