Accountability Thread. Training to Mt.Diablo PR and a weight PR

Not sure if a personal training thread is of interest to anyone but I wanna keep this online for some sort of accountability and document this for myself :slight_smile:

Sub 1 hr is not a crazy goal. It should be achievable yet not super easy.
Not sure how much lower than 1hr I can get with my watt and weight goal but it comes to 3.78w/kg.
I have hit 4w/kg before in my ramp tests but I’m the kind of rider who does better in shorter higher power efforts more so than long sustained efforts. There’s a much bigger drop off for me than 5% between max 20 min and max 1 hr effort. In fact, I believe my Ramp Test would’ve been around 260 watts when I got my PR on Diablo last year, which was 236 watts.

But 1 hr is a good goal. Nate English once said that’s a good indicator that you’re a fit individual. Ofcourse, he did it in something like 43 minutes, but I’ll take his word for it.

EDIT: Pushed the PR attempt date 2 weeks as I just found out it’s the “Diablo Challenge” event on Oct 3rd! I think that will give me an extra push to be in shape for the event and maybe perform a little better than I would otherwise. Being closed to traffic on the day helps out a lot too!

Segment: Mt Diablo (S): Athenian School to summit lot (wrong way @ top) | Strava Ride Segment in Danville, CA

Personal Record
Date: May 3rd 2020
Segment Time: 1:02:44
Leaderboard Placement: 1392 / 15132
Personal + Bike Weight : (142lbs + 6.8kg)
Avg. Watts: 236W
Temperature: 79F (Max) 71F (Avg)

Date: Oct 3 2021
Segment time: Sub 1:00:00
Personal + Bike Weight : (140lbs + 4.99kg)
Goal Watts: 240W

Current Weight
June 10th 2021: 147.8lbs

Ramp Tests
April 26th 2021: 245W

Training Plan

  • Have been following a Low Volume plan since April and not riding much extra on top of that. No goal event.
  • Got in Adaptive Training Beta as of yesterday.
  • Started a fresh TT Low Volume plan (since this is a pure hill TT effort) and plugged Sept 19th as an A race with openers.
  • Do the minimum 3.5-4 hours per week the plan prescribes.
  • Try to add 1 long (3.5-4 hour) ride on the weekend.
  • Very easy 1-1.5 hour rides in between optional depending on mood.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

  • In 2015 I was 208lbs at 5’7" with 0 activity.
  • In 2016 I was down to 154lbs via cycling with not much attention to nutrition.
  • I went vegan in 2016 and I’d do the usual -/+ 7 to 8lbs on / off season until 2020. Mainly lowest of 154lbs though.
  • Beginning of 2020 I ate 90% whole foods. ~1600 calories per day and no junk foods especially after dinner while watching Netflix. Dropped to my lowest of 142lbs in a couple months.
  • Late 2020 until now, stress / boredom and lack of goals led me to eating unhealthy / junk often. Not horrible all things considered. I’d like to lose 7.8 lbs to be at my best weight for PR. I’ll do my best to follow my early 2020 strategy for weight loss.

I’ll update as I go!


The challenge is on Oct 3rd (not the 9th), with the registration starting on June 15. I’ve done it 7 times, so I’m trying to decide if I want to do it again. Need to research which training plan to use, so I’ll take a look at that TT plan. Hopefully, I can ride the mountain as much as possible - nothing better than doing the route itself.

Good luck.

Good luck! I did the Mt Diablo challenge approximately 30 years ago when I was racing. My time was similar to your PR - just a smidge over 1hr. Man, that has bugged me forever. :slight_smile:

At the time I was racing but I was a sprinter, not a climber. I was still annoyed not to get the t-shirt.

Is it possible to model the watts per kg needed to make it there in 1 hour? I ask out of curiosity because we didn’t have power back then and I wonder what my ballpark FTP might have been when I was racing. If I take your 3.65watt/kg, that means I had around a 310 watt FTP back then.

Good luck! 4 w/kg is a good goal to shoot for. I played around with best bike split back when I did the challenge in 2018 and if I recall correctly, that was about where I needed to be to go sub 1 hour. You can get there. Also, my official time was +40 seconds more than my time on the Strava segment, so keep in mind that to get the t-shirt it’s the official time that matters.

Whoooops. Must’ve had a brainfart while typing. I actually did plug it in for 3rd on my training plan

I’m sure other plans might work too but TT made sense to me as it’s a pretty linear full on effort.

I’ll definitely ride it a few times before the event as a weekend ride just to refresh my memory. It’s been more than a year I haven’t climbed Diablo!

I used
That site gives me pretty accurate calculation when I plugin my weight, bike weight, power average, length and average grade. I plugged those in for my PR effort and it estimated the correct time for the effort. So going from there, when I increase my effort to 240 watts it says i should be able to do it under 1 hr. We’ll see. I hope to give it a little more on the day of if I have it in me.

Thanks for that tip! Honestly I was shooting for sub 1 hr on strava and had no idea you get a tshirt or any recognition for doing it sub 1 hr on the challenge. But it would be nice to hit it officially and not just strava :slight_smile:

One other thing: drafting is legal and smart. It was windy when I did it and sitting on someone’s wheel during the headwind sections made a difference.

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Wow we’re very similar in our weight and ftp. I can vouch also about drafting. I’ve done the Diablo challenge a few years ago and I remember facing a brutal headwind. Also, South gate does flatten out a bit. Good luck with the Diablo challenge. Who knows, you might see me there lol.