About the Plan Builders Progression Choice

Hi there.
As I am relatively new, I have just gotten around to create a training plan for may next year. Though I do think that there is s slight problem with the plan as it is.

The last two weeks before the recovery week in SSB1, there is no progression. The plan builder substituted Carillon with Goddard -4, which in turn reduces the TSS from 413 to 392. So: Is there any reason for such a behavior? (As I thought that there is supposed to be an increase in training load.)

My second drawing indicates a hard drop after three weeks of Sustained Power Build. The reason is a typical mid-plan recovery as it can be seen in my third drawing, where I show the usual course in the whole 8 weeks of the SusPB. The week after recovery one is advised to take a ramp test in both scenarios -> whether it’s a 5 or 8 weeks plan. In addition to that, the ramp test for the next plan, in this case, SSB2 becomes redundant. (because an FTP progression over 2 weeks should be quite marginal)

As you can see: recovery -> FTP-Test and end of the current plan -> New plan + FTP-Test

So: I am supposed to change that plan, aren’t I? I just don’t want to change it, to in hindsight regret my decision and hinder any improvement.

I wouldn’t live and die by TSS. It’s helpful to make sure you don’t over-reach, but it does not equal fitness and it doesn’t have to increase in order to increase fitness.

For instance, check out this scenario over three weeks. Each workout has the same TSS:

  • 4x10 min at threshold
  • 2x20 min at threshold
  • 1x40 min at threshold

That’s a pretty large progression but if you fit that in 1:15 minutes of riding it’s the same TSS. You’re stronger for that last workout compared to the first one, but TSS doesn’t ramp.

You’re also looking at a 21 point TSS difference between weeks. I don’t think that’s enough to worry about.