About the adjustment of trainerroad course during vacation

I’m basically done with low volume base1 training lately, only three easy cardio z2 workouts left in the week, and then next week will go to base 2. My ftp went from 195 to 206, and I’m happy with that.
But because of my work schedule, I won’t be able to do structured training for the next two weeks.
I will not be able to ride my bike Wednesday-Friday of the first week and will have to stay at work, I will probably do some zone 2 Monday-Tuesday and opt for self weight training Wednesday-Friday.
The second week Monday-Thursday I won’t be able to train indoors and will have to ride outdoors, I purchased a power meter and can set up trainerroad for outdoor sessions, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate since I didn’t do an outdoor session and am not sure if the city roads I travel on are appropriate for the sessions.
So, if I set it up in the trainerroad calendar and set the following Wednesday-Friday as a business trip, the software should delay the course until the second week, and the course is three z2 cardio workouts, and I choose to do the course or just an outdoor excursion ride depending on the situation.
Here’s my plan, not sure what I’m missing or what doesn’t make sense, looking forward to your help, thanks guys.