A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals

that is not how an spd cleat or pedal works, the power transfer occurs at the cleat to pedal interface, otherwise shoes like this would never work

If you’ve ever used a shimano pedal for thousands of miles you can see where the cleat is supposed to contact the pedal

Hi all,

I’m planning to transform the assioma to spd.

I now have an assioma duo, and my idea would be transform it into two assioma uno, is it possible? If possible, i’d use one for the mtb bike and the other for the tarmac.


Unfortunatly but unsurprisingly, you can only make the left pedal into an UNO.


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OK so this hack having been out a little while now, has anyone been brave/foolish enough to take them on some proper mountain bike rides? :smiley:

I’m talking mainly XC stuff but riding proper trails with the odd jump, rocky/rooty section etc?

I have a set of Unos I’d be keen to do this with but my gravel usage would be secondary to being able to use them for XC stuff. But would rather not end up with a snapped pedal spindle sticking into my leg.

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ok thanks!

This is all new to me so please keep that in mind when considering my response.

I don’t appear to have any issues with cycling dynamics recorded from my Garmin Forerunner 945 based on just my “Power Phase: End” chart from the Garmin Connect browser view.

Since I have a set of Winwood platform adapters that I bought some time ago, I thought I’d try them out. Short answer - I wouldn’t use them. At least not on the Xpedo Baldwins. The ‘pontoons’ (hard plastic) on the bottom of the platform don’t allow for release from the pedal because a pontoon contacts the Favero Assioma pod in attempting to release the platform from the pedal using a sideways rotation. At least with Shimano SM-SH51 cleats. The only way that I was able to remove the platform from the pedal was by prying the forward cleat retainer away from the cleat. The platform would also have to be clearanced for the Favero Assioma pod as it’s just touching the pod.

I originally never provided a top view of the Favero Assiomas mounted in the Xpedo Baldwins so here it is:



This thread has been very useful in helping me getting a power meter with my SPD pedal. Thank you so much! I’m on a fixed gear with basic rollers, so I really want to get a power meter since I’m guessing TR’s VirtualPower won’t be as accurate with fixed gear as those on geared bikes.

So I thought I’ll add to the data. I used the following:

  • M-Force 8 CR from R2-bike (not Ti, since I won’t be using the spindle anyway)
  • Favero Assioma Duo from bike-components.de

I followed GPLama’s instruction and everything works perfectly even though he uses an M-Force 4. The pedal he’s using isn’t available anymore on XPEDO’s website and the ones that are still in stock might be a risky purchase since you need the M-force 4 with the tapered spindle. So yeah, the M-Force 8 works just as well as a substitute

I’m using the Shimano RX8 (size 41) shoes and it clears the pods with a nice gap, no need to shave the sole. However, it could be because my cleats are positioned to the inside of my foot (?) I can see being a bit problematic if your cleats are on the outside, or if you have a wider foot.

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I’ve had them on my xc bike for six months and have become less and less careful. Struck the pm side more sides than I would like to admit and they are still flawless. Plenty of chunky terrain too.


@madmaximummodulus, you beautiful son of a gun! Thank you so much for pioneering this mod!

I just swapped Xpedo M-force 4 Ti bodies (my pair came on gold spindles) onto my Assioma Duos and it worked like a charm!

Removed the pressed off inner end plate/seal from the Xpedos, moved it over to the Assiomas, and reassembled. One of the few times a mod like this goes off with zero drama, in my experience.

Shimano RX8 (wides no less!) in size 42 fit with no trimming required. Happy days - looking forward to hitting the road/trails/whatever with this super go-anywhere setup!


Shame. Does the left spindle act as a master component and the right is a secondary?

Furthermore, I’ve found that you can buy a spare left spindle (and magnetic charging clip) for about £100 less than a complete pair of UNO pedals. Does anyone know of any issue with doing it this way, in terms of activation/setting up/required axle parts? I’m thinking of going with CXRs.

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I don’t see an issue with your plan to just buy the left spindle :+1:

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Has anyone tried this conversion with the M-Force 3 pedals?

From the user manual: “Bike computers require that only the left pedal be paired. The left pedal will transmit also the data collected by the associated right pedal.”

It won’t work AFAIK, the M Force 3 uses a different bearing set-up to the 4, 8 and CXR/Baldwin.

Thx for getting back to me!! I was able to score some M-Force 8 (chromoly) on ebay for about 75 bucks. Gonna go with those

Have Specialized Diverge. Has anyone tried conversion with Xpedo TRVS duo( 3 sealed cartridge) spindel looks similar