A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]

I love it, very neat.

Not convinced it would be big enough though.

With a stiff enough shoe it’s passable. Took it for a ride today, it was a little bit of an adjustment making sure I wasn’t resting on it but it worked and my feet were solid. I’m wearing 5 10s in a size 10.

Finally gave up on the squeaking Favero/Xpedo hack and bought the Rally XC200. I haven’t used them yet to compare, but thought I would share pics in case people are considering them. They’re HUGE next to the Xpedos which may give some users pause.


Take no prisoners! Thanks for the side-by-side.

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Bigger pedal but smaller spindle imo is a better tradeoff. let us know how they work in the long run. Getting tired of smashing my carbon PM crankarms during races

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wow they do look huge! follow up on battery life.

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@Mikey-Boy thinking about the bontrager comp, apart from the Assioma axle did you use any other part or was it all from the bontrager pedal? thinking of just ordering the left pedal axle sensor… just to be a tight

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Just the Assioma spindle, the rest from the Bontrager. I do think there is a very slight difference in spindle size where the bearing sits, but it does work. I’ve not used it long enough to find out if it causes an issue.

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I think you’ll find that if you use something like this that you’re going to wish you didn’t. This kind of thing is just so top heavy it makes it nearly impossible to get the pedal in the right position. (Haven’t tried these but I’ve used similar ones before).

I sent Favero the following message:

I was wondering if there are any plans to release an SPD compatible version of the Assioma? It would be great if it were possible to switch the pedal body so that they could be used either on or off road. Do Favero have any plans to make this possible?

They responded saying:

With reference to your request, we are glad to confirm you that we are going to release a new version of Assioma suitable for Shimano SPD-SL. Official news will be released on our pages within few weeks.

We suggest you therefore to subscribe to our newsletter by clicking on this link ASSIOMA and bePRO Bike Power Meters | Favero Electronics and to stay tuned on our social media in order to get soon more detailed information about it. :wink:


Hey Carl, how are these working out for you now?
Just been reading the thread, and trying to decide which pedal bodies to go with, and thought I might try these.

Any negatives to report?

Got to say a huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, and given so much information on the conversions possible.
Gutted that M-Force are so hard to come by, with the 8’s being £200 now!
The CXR’s look like a good candidate, along with the Issi’s.
For now I have ordered the Bontrager Comp to see how they work out, after seeing a few mentions of them being done on here.

Was all set on the M-Force 8’s but am holding off, hoping there is a slightly cheaper option with the Bontragers.

Thanks again to everyone for their input. Here to learn.

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Just to be sure, you asked about SPD and they replied about SPD-SL. Did you reply and ask about plain SPD?


So I decided to start with the cheapest option first, and ordered some Bontrager MTB Comp SPD’s.
Arrived this morning, so got them swapped over.

Popped them in the NeoBike for a quick test, and all seems to track OK. Sadly I had just finished the morning run, so legs were too shot to do any consistent power efforts. But from the quick effort I did, they seem pretty darn spot on.

When put together they feel fine, no play on the axles, all buttoned up nicely and no movement, and they still spin freely.


Would love to see a breakdown of what bearings, bolts, washers and caps you used, in what order?

Have had some issues with my Xpedo CXR conversion so looking for an alternative.

@robertbb I followed these instructions with my CXRs and everything is flawless.

For mine, no bearings were carried over, just just what is in the Bontrager pedals, packed with a bit of extra grease. End bolt from either pedal fits fine, and the end cap is from the Bontragers too.

Not used them outside yet, planning to soon, but did a trainer session for an hour just now, very stable, track perfectly with the trainer as far as power changes go. Around 8-10 watts in it for the hour average. So not spot on, but nothing to lose sleep over. That said, I haven’t zeroed them since switching them to the trainer.

Will do that for the next test ride.

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I wrote back and asked:

Thank you for your detailed response but I’m interested to know whether Favero has any plans to release an SPD (not SPD-SL) compatible version of the Assioma?

They responded:

…we are working also on a new project for MTB use too, but it will be not introduced in the market in a short time. Unfortunately, I do not have any further detail to provide you and for this reason, I suggest you to subscribe to our newsletter.


Thanks for sharing!

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