A Time Trialing Thread

Have a look at getting an angled riser. Makes a big difference in being able to drop upper back and shrug shoulders.
I had my bars turned and high riser as mentioned but it was the angled riser that made the biggest difference

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can you suggest anything that would fit deda parabolica setup?
would tilting bars/adjustable stem not give me the same output?

Does anyone have any experience with the nopinz speed pockets? I’m going to order one of their flow suits and they obviously have the option of getting them. I’ve never really seen anyone using them as most people wear team kits and since I’m all anti-social like that and not on a team, I get to choose my own kit.

I only do TT’s with the longest being 40k. Are they functional and worth it? I remember hearing somewhere that they magnified the heat, but my races are under an hour, so I don’t think that’s a concern. I would also think that in the US amateur scene, the double track pocket would be the most useful since numbers usually are on one side or the other. Not sure about nationals though since I’ve never been, but that’s my target.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

They’re definitely worth it @ntnyln . I had one retrofitted to a skin suit and my next skin suit came with one. The majority of folk in the UK use them. I use one mainly for 10mile TTs (16km) and 25 milers (40km). They also provide a useful place to leave the car key and stop you getting pin holes in your nice skin suit.

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I had a pocket put on my club skinsuit a couple of years ago. Since then I’ve lost weight and as there isn’t likely to be a club skinsuit order any time soon I bought a nopinz suit this time. First ride in it was today, although no risk of issues with heat as it was barely above freezing (the race did at least finish before the snow started!) I definitely prefer it to using pins.

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Yeah, that was always my question about a Nopinz pocket…seems like it would create a “hot spot” under it. I can notice it even if I just put a plastic bag in my jersey pocket sometimes.

My club has them in our Castelli Body Paints and they’ve been great. Robust and pretty easy to get the number in.

Not observed an issue with any heat build up.

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Love my nopinz suit with speed pocket. Bit of a pain getting the disposable paper numbers in, but definitely worth it.

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Definitely in my opinion. You can slightly notice the pocket when you first put the suit on but as soon as you start riding it’s never been as issue for me in terms of heat. I’ve ridden TT’s up to a 12hr without issue and like others have said prolonging the life of a relatively expensive piece of clothing by not having to stick things in or on it is well worth it.

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You just put the keys in the pocket with the number?

Just the Toyota car key it’s pretty light, flat and its end is blunt. The sharper house keys etc are left locked in the car.

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I tried it today at a race, worked great! I have three keys with a chrysler fob and I wrapped it in a bit of paper towel so the edges of the keys were covered, maybe being extra careful. But I could walk up to the car, get in, get my whatever, and then lock it w/o fumbling for anything. With the requisite 5 trips to the car for this and that just prior to the race…It’s a “near game changer”!

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I just stick my key on a bit of cord round my neck, under the skinsuit, never notice it.

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Thanks for all of the great feedback. For those in the US, are you using the Track Double pockets? They seem to make the most sense given the flipping of the numbers from side to side.

I’m using a single pocket in back (not sure what its called) but the double pocket might be the way to go so it could be “on the right side”

@joe Is that the UCI double or single? If the double, can you put the number to one side provide side visibility? Most races here want a number on one side or the other. Very rarely do we have a number on our behinds.

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It must be the single, there is definitely not enough room for two numbers. I hear you about organizers wanting it on one side or the other (usually right side around here) but I’ve been just putting it in the center pocket and hoping for the best. Still…if buying I like your idea of the wider pocket.

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Be careful which size pocket you choose in the UK. Cycling Time Trial numbers are bigger than UCI ones so you need a time trial pocket.


First TT of the season done. Managed to come away with a very surprising 4th place finish on a very hilly course. Next up a flat 10.


It’s been awhile since I posted in this thread but I’m still around, doing well in races, and always on the hunt for new speed.

Below is my most recent fit/setup. I swapped out my 165’s for 160 cranks to raise the seat a and pushed out my front a tad. I’m also tinkering with this new helmet.

It feels fast but I haven’t had many opportunities to properly test it. Looking forward to the State races coming month! Comments/Suggestions are always welcome.