A Time Trialing Thread

I had a k-edge mount that sat recessed in the gap in between the bars their mount secure with a twist lever on the bottom instead of twisting the garmin (when there’s no space to do so). After a fit I went for narrower bar spacing so a recessed garmin doesn’t fit and I gave the mount away and got a Projects 96 one.

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DIY :stuck_out_tongue: Wanted to 3D print something fancy but had some 25mm diameter PVC tube left over so just filed out the ends a bit so it would fit in tightly between the extensions, drilled 2 holes to pull 2 tie wraps through and around the extensions. Then used the Garmin mount with the elastic bands that’s sold with every Edge. Does the job :smiley:


I did a very similar thing. Dressed it up with some black electrical tape.


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Your position looks great! What front wheel is that?


It’s an AliExpress special haha. I believe the brand was Velosa, 70mm tri spoke. Some people on Slowtwitch and the UK Time trialling forum bought it and had good experience with it so I bought one as well 1,5 years ago. Still very happy with it!

I’ve got one of those too. It’s great!

So I have zero TT experience but will be responsible for the bike leg of a mixed relay triathlon in June.
The race course is three laps for a total of 82 km (50.5 mi), somewhat hilly with 420m of climbing (1380 ft) total.

I did buy aero bars and a forward seat post for my old road bike and played around with myvelofit.org But I found the handling to be a bit too sketchy. I’d feel uncomfortable on it around others riders, plus the course will require quite of bit of shifting gears.
I might give it another shot but have pretty much decided to simply go with my aero road bike and hunker down.

But my main question concerns the training plan. I used plan builder with the race as my A event (low volume). So far I’ve been happy with the Base and Build phases and progress. I thought a 40k TT plan would be fitting but now for Specialty I realize TR wants me to do three threshold workouts per week for 6 weeks or so.
Since it will take me way over 2 hours to complete the course it will be a sweet spot effort though.
So my plan is to replace the longest workout with long (around 2hrs) progressive sweet spot workouts and focus on holding an aero position. Then keep one tough threshold workout and for the third workout I am undecided. Maybe some endurance to limit fatigue and further focus on holding an aero position?

Up and running for the year with a 10 mile out and back on Good Friday morning.

Nice course PB of 19:43 despite some pretty horrible wind, but lost by 1 second. I’ve got one of the EZ gains chainring covers, but didn’t put it back on after swapping chainrings, and Clint at EZ reckons that cost me the win. Not sure I can blame my equipment though!

Lots to be happy about, new set up feels great. Team switched to NoPinz this year and the fit is much better than the Endura suits, and the Kismet extensions were great in the wind.

I think I could have pushed a bit harder at the end, my power was similar to my peak races last year, but have been going well in training so hopefully a bit more to come.
Could have paced a little better, backed off a bit on a downhill section at around 7.5 miles, but then all of a sudden I could see the finish line! Bit of race rustiness to sort out.


In this data set the ENVE 7.8 was fitted with a 25mm tire (or maybe they used a 25mm tyre?) vs the HED J9 with a 23mm tire. Both datasets were taken using a bike & rider on a P5 so that makes it interesting! If I had to guess, most of the difference is probably down to tire selection.

In short, looks to me like Revolver used a 25mm tire for both the HED J9 & Enve 7.8. Aerocoach used a 23mm tire for the jet 9 and a 25mm tire for the Enve 7.8.

I’m going to check out the extensions. They look interesting. Just saw your post about losing by 1 second. That stinks. Any chance you saw Alex Dowsett’s videos on YT? He claimed the Bont shoes didn’t test as well as laced shoes, and the Kask helmet is better WITHOUT the Gana version of the visor. Good luck!

Thanks! Darren at Kismet does some good stuff. He’s just made a version that fits a standard round pole clamp too.

Bonts fit me better than anything else I’ve found. I’ve experimented with lace ups but was never happy with the fit. I trust that with a decent pair of overshoes I’m not giving up much in the name of comfort. Bont do have a lace up Vaypor now, I’ve thought about splashing out on those.

I’ve not seen that video, but will need to check it out. Testing is so individual I’m not sure what you can read from that without doing the tests yourself. Probably 10 things I could change to find one second, or I could just have pedalled a bit harder :sweat_smile:


I hear you. Just like golf and many things in life, there’s always something we can do better. I had what I thought was my best race in years 2 years ago (triathlon) and I walked away with 2nd in age group. Was on cloud nine until I saw the results. The swim is always my weakness, and I can probably improve by a good margin there.

Your fit and bike look great. Good luck with your season.

Also had my first TT of the year on Saturday, 42km ITT in Almere (NL).

Managed to push 21W more, both average and normalized, compared to last year.
Average speed 45.6km/h vs 43.7km/h last year while the conditions last year were more favorable, less wind and sunny, now it rained until an hour before the start and wind picked up again as well.

Was hoping for a bit more but unfortunately I got blocked 2-3 times by slower riders on the last lap.

Last year this avg. speed would have put me 3rd overall, now it was only good enough for 10th out of 267. Unfortunately the others are all elites and a pro who can put out 360-400W for an hour, which I can’t…

Still happy with the improvements compared to last year. More than 2 outdoor rides on the TT bike will for sure also help :slight_smile: Still a bit unsure if the MET Drone in L is the right helmet though, coming from the Giro Aerohead.


That is a really solid position!! From what I have seen the MET Drone tests well for most people, as does the Aerohead. Dunno if you’ll be able to tease out which one is better without doing some pretty dedicated testing…IOW, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. the difference is likely minimal.


Position looks great… myself and a buddy were both in the wind tunnel with that flow suit and it was slower compared to other options. We both also have wider shoulders/back like you and maybe that was the reason? I highly suggest trying another option if you have one to compare.

In the case of my buddy, a Santini viper suit was about 20w faster at 29mph. For me, the NP pro1 and a Velotec dynamic were faster.




That’s very interesting to hear! And a bit sad because the Flow suit was close to 400 Euros including import tax, while the Pro1 and Velotec are like half that… :see_no_evil:
I was actually hoping because of the trip line and the ribbed material on the shoulders, that would actually help if you’re a bit more broad shouldered but that doesn’t seem to be the case then.

The Santini is a short sleeved suit even? Were the differences with the Velotec and Pro1 for you also more in the range of >10W or more like 5W? (I understand if you don’t want to share exact numbers)


Of course this was just a suggestion as the results are individual and might not translate to you. I can’t recall the exact difference between the flow and pro1 although it was over the margin of error. The only differences we could conclude were that the flow has the trip line and the ridges on the arms are in line with the back and not perpendicular like the other options I tried?


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Your position looks fast! I’d really like to try that helmet, but I am not sure how to get one in the States.

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@JoeriN what’s your opinion about your aerobar extensions? Looks like there is a gap between your forearm and the extension. Do you think it matters? My ‘aero intuition’ tells me it does, but every time I close it on my front end it seems to test slower. What is your experience?

I ordered my met drone from Lordgun a few years ago.


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