A question about increasing FTP and TSS?

Hello forum.

I’ve had a much better base phase than previous years. I did SSB Low Volume before Christmas and have recently finished SSB Mid Volume. I had a 9 watt bump (to 256 FTP weight 68kg) which was awesome. Same FTP as July last year.

I’m now doing General Build Mid Volume so a double whammy of increased FTP and increased TSS. I’ve now been sick for the last week and feel like I’m struggling and not making progress.

Anyone else feel like this? I’m wondering whether the best route when enjoying a big bump in FTP is to opt for a LOW Volume plan to adjust before increasing volume? Or just toughen up!?

Any thoughts welcome.


It’s not the bump in your FTP, it’s the fact that the intensity factor of the Build workouts is so much higher. You’ve increased volume and intensity.

On the other hand, maybe you just got sick and it’s nothing to do with your training.

Maybe restart or continue General Build but do the first 4 weeks at Low Volume? Then if you’re feeling strong at the end of that, see if you can increase it to Mid Volume for the remaining 4 weeks. Or carry on at Low Volume but add a steady outdoor ride on Sundays.

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