A geometry quirk? Climbing position question

So, my project of a Trek Emonda (size 54, H2 geometry) was completed a week or so ago, and I’ve since had a chance to ride it a few times.

On paper, the geometry (at least in terms of stack, reach and wheelbase) is pretty much identical to bikes I have ridden or owned and I know work for me, but the Trek felt a bit ‘off’, in some respects.

Most noticeable was a feeling that I couldn’t get ‘on top’ of the pedals on a couple of steep climbs; it kind of felt like they were out in front of me. Getting forward onto the nose of the saddle and the tops (rather than the hoods) helped, but the sense was still there, and it felt like the bike was effectively forcing me out of the saddle when the gradient hit 9-10%.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Is the seat tube angle and saddle setback the same? maybe you were riding a bike with a zero offset post and your current one has some setback? Is it the same saddle? maybe a differently shaped saddle just feels a bit different depending on how you sit on it?

I don’t really have any answers for you but maybe some more things to consider.

If you still have the old bikes that you preferred the feel of then maybe you can measure the saddle setback to compare. That would be the horizontal distance from BB to a common point on the saddle (could be the tip or where your sit bones are. Whatever is most relevant.)


Setback might well be right: I’ll check and get back!

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