A-Event Training, Pregnancy and Cycling, Mid-Ride Nutrition and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 310

Another pre-recorded episode this week with Amber, Nate and Pete. And yes, the day has finally come that we discussed Crocs on the podcast :wink: .

Whether it’s elevation, heat, technicality or just an abnormally strong field, going the extra mile to make sure you are ready for your goal event can make a big difference. Tune is as we discuss this, as Amber shared what she is learning about pregnancy and cycling, and as Pete shares some fantastic nutrition guidelines for mid-ride nutrition

Hope you enjoy!

Tune in for the YouTube premiere tomorrow morning at 8:00am Pacific!

Youtube Live Video:

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Pregnancy and cycling
  • How big rides make you faster
  • Mid-ride nutrition guidelines from Pete
  • How to decide between liquids, gels, and solids
  • MTB vs. Road position
  • Why seat tube angle is so important for tall riders
  • Should you wear gloves when training indoors?
  • How to wear your bibs on the indoor trainer
  • Individual Leg Drill tips
  • Outside Workout tire setup for MTB
  • What to expect at the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon
  • How to prepare for a goal event with different circumstances than your training

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Crocs frickin RULE!* :grin:

Please note, for indoor/private use only. They should not be used in public. :rofl:




@Jonathan @Nate_Pearson Crocs might be the new “super” shoe Runner wears Crocs in 5,000m race, flies to 14:47 finish - Canadian Running Magazine


I miss the timestamps in Overcast…any plans to bring those back? I usually skip the things that don’t apply to me (like pregnancy).

The first triathlete to get a live elephant seal for their endless pool deserves a free TrainerRoad subscription.

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Crocs tan! You know you want it!
Screenshot_20210601-160340_Samsung Internet

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In the first 30 minutes of the episode, @Nate_Pearson laughed a couple times, and all I could think of was:


Please don’t suspend my account :rofl:

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As the OP to the ‘I miss the old podcasts’ thread, I’d like to say I really enjoyed this episode. It was lovely to hear everyone relaxed and joking around. Found myself chuckling as I listened. Nate’s description of Escape from Alcatraz and everyone’s reaction was really funny.
Thank you.