A comment on the podcast

I can’t hold back any longer. Before I step up onto my soapbox I want to acknowledge that TR is a great product with the podcast being a nice addition.

Now, I wish the podcast would stay out of the medical realm. I cringe whenever there is discussion about back or neck pain in particular. It’s quite obvious that the information given is not researched and mostly conjecture based on limited anatomical knowledge. Medical professionals and researchers cannot say with certainty what causes LBP. It’s a mystery to me how you can claim tight iliopsoas causes this pain and then recommend strengthening something as a solution. This is illogical and wrong.

As a medical professional, my advice is to tailor the podcast to what you know… bikes, training and associated topics, etc. Medical topics don’t apply. If you want to discuss specifIc medical topics, bring in that professional.

I’m now stepping down, thanks for the product, it’s awesome.


I think the podcast overwhelmingly states that they are not offering medical advice, and a professional consultation is recommended, although there may be times when the simple conventional wisdom from seasoned cyclists and trainers sounds like medical advice.
It’s responsiveness to listener questions that directed the episode to which you are likely reacting toward the subject of back pain. I’m sure that if you or someone you could suggest would make themselves available to the podcast broadcast to provide better content, the offer would be appreciated and well-considered.
A podcast is entertainment and engagement, not research. If a listener approaches the podcast as a patient, it’s their fault for believing they’re getting medical advice, not the fault of the entertainers. Responding to listeners’ questions (although subscribers’ questions might be a better move) on the podcast about back pain is probably among the most minor sources of insufficiently-founded medical advice online. Which is to say, you’re objection is warranted but probably could be, in my opinion, better directed.