A "bike influencer cliche" but, did anyone here move to Girona?

From my limited view on youtube videos and blog posts, it’s a heaven for cyclists.
My question is less about that, as it’s kind of mentioned a million times that it’s one of the best places you can live as a cyclist.

But how’s life otherwise? Is it expensive? If you don’t know spanish, do you struggle? Are people friendly to people moving from US, UK and alike? Did you move and are you never looking back? Did you become a permanent resident? Was the process hard?

I’m finally making my UK move permanent in January / February. But I can’t stop thinking about what life in Girona, Mallorca, or alike can be like.


I’ve been waiting and hoping that you would get some feedback about your question. My husband and I are considering moving to Europe when we retire (or earlier, if we can find a way to swing it!) and are enamored with Spain ourselves. Our first scouting trip will be next spring and we will be starting in Girona, although we expect it will be too warm for us so are looking at some other places closer to Andorra as well. A big part of why we are focusing on Spain is the cycling culture, so we really hope it lives up to the hype!

I hope you guys make it there! After my move to the UK I really wanna visit those places as often as I can and get a real feel of life there. Our biggest concern is how my GF will feel about the language barrier etc but we’re hoping we can pick up some spanish and get away with a good amount of english speaking locals. I’m personally happy to live a quiet lonely life but my partner is very much interested in a social circle even if it’s small.