+90w and TT National Championship with Egert Purre – Successful Athletes Podcast 33

Egert Purre earned an Estonian Age Group National Time Trial Championship and raised his FTP 90 watts while using TrainerRoad.

Coming from a running and triathlon background, @egert89 proved stereotypes wrong by winning on a highly technical course and managing very complex pacing requirements. In this episode we dig into all the details of Egert’s training, equipment, nutrition and race day execution to find out what it takes to become a national champion. Enjoy!

Egert's Episode

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Egert’s background in running and triathlon
  • How Egert balances work, training and family
  • How Egert raised his FTP using TrainerRoad
  • Egert’s nutrition strategies he used to get faster
  • What were the differences between Egert’s triathlon and TT positions
  • All of Egert’s equipment choices
  • How much time Egert spent adapting to the TT position
  • What Egert did to become a better bike handler
  • How Egert paced a time trial with a lot of turns
  • How Egert dealt with stereotypes of being a triathlete in road cycling
  • How Egert’s TT training made him a better or worse triathlete

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Hi guys and thanks for having me. I’ll be hanging around here if anyone has any questions, comments etc.

You can also reach out to me on IG - @egertpr and Strava


Great episode. Congrats on winning the championship!


Thanks for coming on the podcast, Egert! Tons of fun digging into nerdy TT details :wink:


Really great podcast! Congratulations on your success Egert. I can relate to your experience of going from no fan to having a fan while training indoors. Just got a fan last week and it’s surprising the difference that makes.


Greetings on the title from neighbouring Latvia :slight_smile: