8-9 week training plan for hill climbing

No. That’s not hill climbing though. Those are just bumps in the road. :slight_smile: TBH if it’s going to be in Florida or some place flat, the bulk of the race will probably be more short power focused.

General build and Climbing Road Race is what I would probably choose, unless you know for sure, in which case Rolling Road Race may be better.

Specialize for the event so longer first and sharpen to the demands of the race.

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To build base perhaps…but need to work on VO2 (when in the block depends on fractional utilisation), and then move towards anaerobic stuff 8 weeks out to build towards short UK HCs.


A Gravity Specialty plan is most appropriate (i.e., short UK HCs 1 -10min in length).

These are my bread and butter events.

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Short Power Build.


Sounds good. You seem to know what he’s doing. I’ve never heard of a 10 minute HC climb.


We’re a bit odd over here. This was a brutal one, 3 min ish and steep. Cracking to ride though!!


Ah, single event, single hill TT. We have similar where I’m at, except the hills are a lot longer. The shortest I know is about 30 minutes for the KOM.


it’s perfectly sensible riding up stupid hills until your sick! Then eating cake.

And if it is odd and don’t want to be not odd!



Don’t forget stripping the bike down to the bare bones, not eating for months, and donning novelty headgear…

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Stocksbridge! :raised_hands:

Good one isn’t it!

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As a regular on the UK HC scene my advice to you given that you’re new to structured training is to really develop some consistency in your training (if you’ve not done so already). The reason I say this is that HC training is brutal, you need to be able to handle it.

Then you would be wise to look at the demands of your target event. Climbs can be anywhere from 90s to 10 minutes or more, it’s a case of accepting that you’ll likely be better at some durations or terrain than others and if you can don’t take things too seriously! (Need to learn that bit myself).

Once you’ve got that solid riding in place you’ll be able to start sprinkling in the harder efforts before hitting regular 2 or 3 harder sessions per week 6 weeks or so out from your events. Then it’s just about staying fresh, so keep a bit of intensity but drop the volume (depending how serious you’re taking it).

Best of luck, hopefully the events will happen.


Thanks for advice, much appreciated.

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Hi @Supermurph19 question on hill climb training part of it actually. How do you tend to do the interval training? Is it a few maximal efforts with plenty rest in between or a bit below max with less rest

I tend to keep it simple.

30/30s x 10-12, 10 minutes rest x 2 or 3. Aim for a power hard enough that you can keep the “on” intervals pretty similar.

5x5 with 5 minutes rest. 120% FTP is what I aim for.

Then some maximal 60s efforts with long rest periods of basically no pedalling in between. Aim for 5 to start with, try to get to 7 or 8. With these though you need to be careful, very easy to pull something so maybe sprinkle these efforts in earlier at a lower power or shorter duration. I don’t do gym work but I’d highly recommend it as I’m sure it’d really help.

Just mix these sessions up, the 30/30 I would do on the trainer, the rest outdoors where possible. Ideally on a hill. As with most stuff try to factor in some progression, so maybe start the 5x5 at 110%, then try to up the ante.

2 sessions of the above per week is enough, then just go easy on the other days…

No expert, but you’ll find quite a few people do something similar to this. Recover as best you can, try to do these hard efforts earlier in the day or afternoon if you can.

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One more thing to add. If you’re new to the HC scene then also focus on enjoying it, the community is very welcoming and everyone knows how much it hurts!

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Thank loads. No danger of being competitive so I’ll be all about the enjoyment if I make it to one. Although I may well end up just trying to beat my Strava times. I think I could retire happy with a top ten on a couple of the more travelled local hills.

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Hey @ supermurph - I just came across this on bikeradar from 2014, is that you? https://forum.bikeradar.com/discussion/12976025/increasing-2-minute-power

If so, I have pretty similar numbers just now, so was just wondering how your power has improved since then? and were you doing hill climbs at the time?

WOW, that’s a blast from the past!!!

Yes, improved quite a bit since then and lost weight (probably around 74kg in 2014, 66kg now, bit less at peak). I was just getting into the hill climbs too and also doing 10 and 25m TT’s. I mean essentially I was always going to improve just by riding, my riding tends to be very hilly and reasonably short, the problem I faced over the years is consistency, I am prone to illness and being a bit fragile (well apart from this year when I’ve been super solid!!).

One thing to add here before I say what my numbers are now, I have never averaged more than 6 hours per week across the year (I’ve ridden more than 6 hours per week obviously, but never managed more than 290 hours for the year, that will change this year though (350-360).

Current power PB’s 2020 unless stated.
1m: 635W (2019)
2m: 525W (2019)
5m: 398W
10m: 351W
20m: 339W
60m: 320W

Hope that helps.

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