70.3 full plan for spring race

Anyone followed the 70.3 plan over the winter for a race next spring? (March specifically)

I mean followed the TR plan and done minimal outdoor riding?


I followed low volume earlier this year and did only 4 outdoor rides (the longer bricks), mainly to get some outdoor handling time on the TT bike and nutrition set-up dialled (bento box & BTA bottle).

I raced IM South Africa in April last year and my first outdoor ride of the year was in SA the week before the race.

Yes, I did low volume half plan over winter into summer with no outdoor rides, well one but it wasn’t a training ride. I think the plan was fine and I was race fit but I wasn’t trained to execute well, for 2019 I’m mixing in outdoor watching my zones and overall TSS.

Thanks all

I’m on week 2 of HIM mid vol.
Target race in April 14.
Plan to ride outside on Sundays after mid Dec. if the weather is good. (3+ hours rides on hilly segments of the race course).

Yes, but for a race in June. Started training Jan 1st

By plan do you mean the 24 week (base+build+Speciality)? Not sure if there is another.

I haven’t done one yet but planning on starting the base/build/speciality in December for a June half. I haven’t found another plan that looks better and like what I’ve seen here. I’m going to do the low volume based on listening to the ask a coach podcast. The low volume will let me add additional outside rides as I want with minimal impact. As opposed to higher volume plans that will be more consuming. At least that is how I’ve understood some of the information.

I meant base+build+speciality to peak early next spring.

weather = grim in the north of england over the winter…

If it’s the minimal outdoor cycling that concerns you, yes I’ve done that, if it’s the time of year, I’m currently in week 5, Base Full Distance tri plan.