6 Weeks to prep for Masters Nationals

I just realized Masters nationals is in my backyard (Augusta GA) and I can race the 55-59 category because it is open to all categories (younger groups are Cat 1-3). I’ve been doing endurance gravel races the past few years, but figured it would be fun to be pack fodder at road nationals. I have no aspirations or illusions that I will be anywhere near the podium (I ride locally with one or two guys who could contend and I don’t stand a chance again them). Anyway I trained and race Unbound this year so I have an endurance base. Just been riding group rides and doing TrainNow since then. Will be coming off a 12 day break/vacation on July 12. So basically have 6 weeks to do a mini prep.

What would you do in my situation? Goal is to hand in the pack for as long as I can. Assuming there will be a break or small group that gets away. I won’t be there but would be great to finish with the main group.

  1. road race specialty plan
  2. polarized build plan
  3. a VO2 3/4 week block
  4. just keep doing group rides and work on reacclimatizing to pack dynamics
  5. something else?

@aydraper to help people give you valuable info, it would help to share w the group:

1 - What time availability you have, both per day, and per week to train.

2 - If any other solo outdoor rides, group rides or races in that time you want to hang on to / keep doing.

3 - Any additional training load from other sources; running, lifting, etc. All things count. Mowing the lawn for 30 mins isn’t much, but if you push a 50 lb non-power assisted gas mower around 2 acres for 2 hours every Saturday in 95 F / 35 C heat, that will make a bank withdrawal for sure! :slight_smile:

I generally ride 4-6 days a week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are 60-90 minutes and weekends are 2-4 hours Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll pretty much add endurance rides to the intense days. And if I do a hard group ride, that replaces intensity.

No weights. Do yoga 2x a week.

Really asking about the intensity days. Thx

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Should just hammer out a few work outs a week and do z2 the rest of the time.

@aydraper for your 3 “intense” days per week, I’d recommend skipping any of the pre-cooked plans and doing VO2, Threshold, Threshold, in decreasing intensity, with one rest or Z2 day between each. Keeps you freshest for the most intense. I think VO2, Thresh, Thresh, gets you the most bang for your buck. None of the plans have this mix.

If you think the pack will be burst-y, and want to be set for that, make sure one of the thresholds includes surges, at least once every 2 weeks.

I’m somewhat new, so take that with salt. I defer to those w more experience.

Metabolic training. Easy regulars…Just kidding. Or am I? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I trained for Unbound (ie had decent aerobic base) I would:

  1. Progressively build TSS for the first four weeks pretty hard with:
    A. Tuesday=over under workout done solo. Build duration each week. QC a priority.
    B. Wednesday=easier two hours or so. Enjoy pedaling.
    C. Thursday=competitive/drop type group ride. .
    D. Friday=Wednesday or less.
    E. Week end=big TSS/hour rides to reach your weekly goal.
    F. Monday=no ride.

  2. 5th week reduce week end TSS/hours by half-ish or rest an extra day and stop building stress/TSS. Start to recover for nats.

  3. 6th week maybe just do fast groups on Tuesday and Thursday and maybe spin super easy Wednesday and Friday.

Vo2max and then hit some 1-2 minute anaerobic efforts as we get closer…it’s actually quite a fast course and 55-59 has big fields, so break might now, but might not if the right group doesn’t get together.

Could come down to that last little blip of a climb which is 2m FULL GAS…


Sign up and do some road races, at least one or more as time and budget permits.