+50w Amidst Hormonal Imbalances with Austin Killips – Successful Athletes Podcast 32

Hormonal imbalances affect every athlete and often go unnoticed, but Austin Killips has an especially insightful perspective. Austin is a transgender woman who is focused on cyclocross and has had to learn to adjust her training through the process of transition.

Tune in to learn what signs Austin has learned to recognize as hormonal imbalance, how she has learned to adjust as a result, and how she has used TrainerRoad to get faster.

Austin's Episode

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • How Austin got into cyclocross
  • How Austin hopes to earn her UCI pro license
  • Managing work/life/training balance as a full-time bike mechanic
  • How Austin used TrainerRoad to gain over 50w in FTP
  • What sort of changes Austin has had to make to her training
  • The effects of the transition process on training
  • How to recognize hormonal imbalances
  • How low testosterone affects training
  • How Austin dealt with low testosterone and high estrogen
  • What Austin has learned in 2020 to make her a more balanced and healthy athlete

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So stoked! Thanks for having Austin as a guest, love getting to hear more opportunities for athletes to share their life/work/training balance. Super good perspective to learn from. ACES. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Interesting podcast. As a cisgender woman in perimenopause, I found this to be a helpful conversation!


Really insightful podcast! Totally related to the point with around five minutes to go about finding “that” road and then spending the next little while just thinking about how amazing it was to be able to ride it.

Thanks for sharing your story.

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Thanks for sharing Austin. You have confirmed a few things for me.
When our hormonal balance is fragile, training hard can knock it further out of wack.
The best way to protect our hormonal balance whilst training, is sleep and nutrition - especially carbs.
And mtbing is the best therapy on the planet :wink:


@jmichalofsky That makes me so happy to hear! I think this is a testament to how great Jonathan’s approach to the topic was. When it comes to hormones in flux we all have experiences that intersect and diverge in unique ways and I’m so glad you felt like there were helpful things to glean. Thanks for sharing that :slight_smile:

@MK_2 haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about certain stretches of pavement. Love those “roads like these” moments that stick with you and make all the crappy pothole laden roads it took to get there worthwhile.


Awesome podcast, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and insights @AustinTrace!

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Thanks, @AustinTrace. Enjoyed the conversation, the advice about being kind to ourselves when needed, and best of luck with you pro racing goals!

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