4 Week Gap To Fill

I’m on the SSB1, SSB2, Sustained Build, Century LV path, finishing week 6 of Sust. Build now. Initially this plan lined up to an event, but I decided to do a different event 4 weeks later - so I have 4 more weeks to play with. I’ll be doing a few century rides in spring, not racing.

I’m inclined to do more LV Build before the Century plan. I’d use the first 4 weeks of Sustained Build MV, just the T/TR/Sat rides and reduce the Tues ride from the 90 to the 75 min version. Then move to Century LV which rolls into the first event.

Where would you put these extra 4 weeks - before or after Century LV? What would you fill them with and why? Thank you!

Take a look at the maintenance plans under specialty -> enthusiast. They are 8 weeks but you could do the first half. You could slot one of those in after your century block.

Having nearly finished your build I would be hesitant to extend it as you risk burning out a bit. Going back to base doesn’t really make sense either as you only have a relatively short window to fill.

In your case the maintenance plans aren’t very specific to your goals, they lack the sustained work you are targeting.

I don’t think there’s too much danger of burnout on LV so if you feel you’re on top of your training then repeating half of Sustained power build with a smidge more difficulty sounds ideal. Do the extra block before your specialty plan, and keep on top of your recovery.

I had a quick look at this article before commenting and realised it is primarily aimed at people planning out their season rather than someone who is at the end of their build phase.

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For someone finishing up the Build Phase with an extra 4 weeks to burn, I would recommend repeating the last four weeks of the Build phase again. This will have a greater positive impact on your fitness than repeating weeks of Specialty :+1:

Be sure to listen to your body to ensure that you are recovering well from the training stress, and taking extra rest days if neccessary. This is true at all times, but especially whenever you deviate from the standard Base->Build->Specilaty progression.

Best of luck and happy training!

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