4 Days in New York (1 dec - 4th Dec)

So been sprung a surprise 4 day visit to new York (lucky me) aside from having to attend a broadway show (yawnnnnnnnnnn) and some statue on a island (yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn seen it on TV loads of times)

I have been given free reign to do what to do.

So far
Booked a 9am ticket for the statue of liberty on the Friday, show is on the Thursday. Be great to see a Rangers game on the Saturday even though i will have to ruin it by explaining the rules to the Current Mrs Nervous :slight_smile:

Any other major recommendations from the locals ?

This is a tough question to answer for big cities since really you should check trip advisor for the standard recommendations.

What kind of stuff are you into outside of cycling? It doesn’t really sound like you’re even looking forward to this.

I love to eat and explore new cities, so my recommendations will be musuems + try some good restaurants for your favorite cuisines. I’d suggest going to flushing/chinatown for delicious food and checking out jackson heights for very diverse and delicious no frills restaurants.It’s December so the Christmas markets might be around, so try those.

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dont ride in time square at rush hour. did that last weekend ill-advised

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I have always brought visitors on a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (just stay out of the bike lane).

After the statute of liberty, you can take the ferry to the Atlantic ave stop, walk around Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights, find somewhere to sit and have lunch, grab a beer, and walk back over the bridge to Manhattan.

That sounds great actually.