386EVO BB Bearing Size

Hi I’m hoping someone can possibly help with what may be a very easy question. A while ago I had a wheels manufacturing 386 EVO BB fitted to my bike. Seems the bearings now need to be replaced and I can find the BB on line but all it says is enduro bearings. There are no reducing cups in mine and it’s 24mm spindle on the cranks - being for Shimano 105.

Can anyone with better search-fu point me in the direction of replacement bearings for this? :thinking: Tbh away at moment and my phone Internet connection is not the best… :grin:

This is the chap… 386EVO Angular Contact BB for 24mm (Shimano) Cranks - Black

Thanks for any help or pointers…

Off the top of the dome


He’s a generally good resource for bearings and bottom brackets. British Youtuber. Swears like a sailor.

Hope this helps

is this what you need? Looks like it’s the first line on the chart.

Bottom Bracket Replacement Parts (wheelsmfg.com)

Hambini, although he seems to know what he’s talking about, probably won’t be much help except to assert that the Wheels BB is a war crime, or something.

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Thanks to @killroy123 for that but the internal and external diameters on the hambini ones seem to be too big, internal diameter on those is 30mm and I need 24mm - I may drop him a line and know what you mean about the swearing having watched a fair few of his vids. Out of earshot of the kids… :rofl:

@Wheatstraw53 - yep, they seem to be the ones. Many thanks - now back at a PC can have a proper look for them.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: very much so - as he also makes these so wouldn’t be a surprise.