35c tube for a 23c tire?

Can I use a 35c tube for a 23c tire? Is that even possible?

It’s possible but seems like a really bad idea that will result in a very poor ride if you can even get it to inflate without exploding inside. It’s not going to be able to stretch to fit the 23c and probably have some wrinkled or twisted parts inside


I would advise against it. I would probably be a huge pain in the ass to get it in without pinching it. And then when you inflated it there would probably be a bunch of folds and rolls that would lead to uneven pressure around the rim/tire.

If that was all I had and I needed to limp home then it would probably be good enough but I wouldn’t do it on a regular basis.


You probably can’t get it in there. It’s likely it’ll have a fold if it does, which would cause problems. It is easier to go the other way around tough. I’ve used a 25c tube on a 35c tire before.


I’ve done it when I had to repair a flat on the side of the road and had grabbed my cyclocross tube instead of a road tube. It’s not “ideal” but it works fine. I ended up using it for a bit after that before swapping it back out for the normal sized tube. No perceivable difference in ride quality.

I’ve done it the other way round as a ‘get me home fix’ (borrowed tube) but I wouldn’t reccomend it long term. As long as the circumference is the same (700c) it should fit.

Thanks for the replies… sounds like it is only a get home solution then.


My spare, or second spare tube, depending on the seat pack, is often an undersized tube, just to get it in the seat pack. That’s a get me home and inflate a little too often.

Oversized tubes are unreliable, and a hassle… Don’t plan on one as a get-you-home.

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