29 weeks till A race. What after SSHV1?

Just joined TR in July. So far I like it a lot and I am seeing benefits.
My goal for the season is to do Mt. Mitchell in under 6 hours. I finished in 5.50 4 years ago but broke my hip a month after and have been coming back slowly. I finished in 6.20 last year.

In TR I just finished SSHV1 and was wondering what I should do next.
There are 29 weeks till MT. Mitchell.
My current thinking is to do anther set of SSHV1 (6W) then two sets of SSHV2 (12W) then SPBHV (8W) with a couple of weeks of harder workouts blended in.
I sometimes replace the Saturday Sunday workouts with long 4-6 hour rides on Saturday and something easier on Sunday (or even rest).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Your proposed method of repeat is a good one. You could also add in some pre-build weeks post SSHV2 and SSBHV. Those that have done that combo before have said the intensity jump has caught them off guard after so much SS but no intensity.

Also handy to keep 1-2 weeks in there for dealing with potential illness/life. Running that much stress can leave the immune system fragile and it is just beginning into cold/flu season

Thank you so much - Great suggestions! I forgot about getting sick :slight_smile: It does happen!


You could also go SSB1-2-1-2 instead of 1-1-2-2.

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Thanks. Great idea to do 1-2-1-2. I like that.
What speciality phase would you add?
For Mt Mitchell (rolling for 80 miles and then 24 to the top the mountain)
To stay with the front group tilol the mountain I need to be able to go all out for a few short hills. The longest is under 5 minutes.
When my FTP was 270 it was easy. Now that it is 237 it is harder … :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!!! Greatly appreciate it. Nice to be using TR!!!