24HOP - Did you get in? (24 Hours of Pueblo)

Who got in? It sold out in 1 hr 55min…I got in after 1 hr and 10 min of clicking refresh!!

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Got in! 1hr 12mins of clicking refresh. Also woke up an hour early because Epic Rides stated registration would open at 5am MST instead of PDT!

Going to be a long day at work…

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Well done! Ha AZ time vs MST time…

We’re in!

It’ll be Nate, Chad, Pete and I.

When is everybody planning on getting into town, where is everybody getting their RVs from, and how big of an RV are you getting?


Awesome, we will probably reserve space the weekend before and then start camping on Wednesday. We have a couple trailers/tents. My trailer is 19ft, and hopefully it won’t rain like the last two years. I’m local so happy to give advicr or help if needed.

Also note that they try to discourage too big of RVs by requireing large amounts of canned goods for them. Goes to a good need but they try to discourage one that are too big so there is room for everyone

Managed to get in after 1 hour 20 for a 4 person open. That was a lot of refreshing!

Probably going to get there Thursday evening. Still exploring RV options but had been using the link on the Epic Rides website (https://rvrentaloutlet.com/) to do some initial research.

As a note, I called that company (they were super helpful) and they said their regulars have reservations like 6 - 8 months in advance but they don’t see a huge influx of reservations from everyone else until the beginning of the year. Of course I’m sure that could always change.

Also, in case it helps anyone compare, I had asked them about how they charged for returning the RV since our team wouldn’t at least get back to PHX until late Sunday. They said you can either pay for the full night or it’s $100 to drop it off to them after hours.

Hey Jonathan,

Camping opens typically on Wednesday and people start to populate 24 Hour Town right away. I’ve always gone Thursday morning and had good luck picking spots for bigger groups. Thursday afternoon is a common time for people coming in and by mid day Friday people are looking for any spot they can fit their rig into. You guys are going to love it! Also, so many photo opportunities! Climb the mountain above camping for views of the entire course.

This sounds like a blast, you guys have the dream team :fire: :fire: