2024 Liv Enviliv Defect


I am reaching out on here to anyone that owns a new Liv Enviliv (this may apply to Propel)

We have just got this bike and during our first test ride (10 minutes around the block) I noticed the steering stuck at certain points. This was kind of scary and dangerous. On closer inspection I noticed the fork was rubbing against the head tube quite significantly.

I was pretty disappointed given this bike coated 4800 Euro.

When I brought it to the shop that we bought the bike from they had said that it is a cosmetic issue and they can shave off some paint.

I am refusing the accept this is a general issue from Liv given how many bikes they produce… I can’t imagine forking out this much money to have a bike that I need to shave paint off.

I am requesting they give me a new bike but they are reluctant stating that all Envilivs experience the same issue.

Have any of you got a new Enviliv? Even if you don’t, what would you do in my situation.

We really like the bike, it’s value and geometry. So hoping to get a replacement. Also it’s already paid for.


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That is totally unacceptable


This should not happen to any bike. Especially at that price. I have a feeling something is missing in there for the rotation to be smooth or it’s tighten too hard. Definitely fight it, they need to replace it. Like @ivegotabike said, this is not acceptable. I am sorry you are having to deal with it.

Do you have another shop in town who can see it? Having another shop verify that there’s something wrong can give you more leverage.


That is totally unacceptable! And the shop’s response tells me it’s time for a new shop. If they don’t give you satisfaction, reach out to the manufacturer directly. While I’m unfamiliar with Liv, I doubt highly they want shops telling people this is normal.



Its really good hearing everyones thoughts - I thought maybe I am being too picky and them shaving some paint off is acceptable? They haven’t offered any compensation what-so-ever other than making good of the issue by shaving paint off. It has made us feel bad about our purchase :frowning: After a lot of arguing they accepted to take the bike back and speak to Giant to see what they will do… I trust giant will do the right thing.


I would expect Giant to do the right thing here too.

If you use twitter or facebook or similar, you could (& i say should) reach out to Giant / Liv with that photo & your experience on there.

Socials does seem to be a good way of getting in touch with brands these days.

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