2023 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

I have a fm936 (rapide) at 120,100 f/r. I think I sometimes miss having a very light xc hardtail whippet. Don’t think i’d ever need a trail bike since this bike does the gnarly stuff so well - I set it up with a 45mm stem and 10mm rise bars - There is a lot of tech climbing in my local xc races so with the long reach on the bike it can be difficult to lift the front end to get over features with the long reach. I reluctantly moved from a -17 70mm to a +6 45mm stem and it rides like a dream! Climbs very well.

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My XC bike built from parts, is running XT 1x10 withe OneUp cage and 42t cog. I put this together on a different bike in around 2015. In fact it’s followed me for a few bikes over that period.

Sounds like we’re due XTR-9200 this year if if weren’t for the pandemic, so maybe 9200 comes out 2023 or 2024, and XT-8200 2024? Has anyone seen any info on new XTR? I’m not actually sure what time of year Shimano release new mountain groupsets to even know if we’ve already passed the 2023 announcement window.

Because I want to get a 50 or 51 tooth sooner rather than later, my options seem to be:

  1. Go sram wireless (I should have grabbed one over xmas when the upgrade kits were crazy cheap).
  2. XT-8100 drivetrain for around $350-400 (shifter, deraileur, chain, cassette)
  3. ZTTO make a 10 speed 11-50t cassette, but I don’t know of a derailleur that’ll work with that, and it’d end up costing nearly $200 if I can find a derailleur
  4. Wait for 2024 in the hope that an affordable XT-8200 option comes out

Just looking for what others who have something already are doing, just going with the XT-8100 that’s available today, or waiting out 8200?


Yep, I was a bit concerned at first but it’s been fine. Takes me a couple minutes to swap from rear wheel to trainer.

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I moved to a bike this year that doesn’t have routing for a remote lockout (new RM Element) and miss it a lot and will probably move to an epic evo retrofitted with a twist grip or the Bontrager lockout/dropper lever.

What makes you think 8200 would be any more affordable than 8100?

I don’t expect it to be cheaper, more that it might have some new features. With XTR-9200 not being out, I’m not sure what these new features could be though.

I found this history of XTR release dates, so that helps me, as it seems end of June is the latest release date Shimano have had for XTR. So I guess I wait until July, and if no new XT, then order 8100.

M9200 202X-XX-XX
M9100 2018-05-25
M9000 2014-04-10
M980 2010-06-28
M970 2006-04-13
M960 2002-04-07
M950 1995

If you like the Rekon Race, then give a standard Rekon a try on the front.

Random question for the AXS users. As I understand it, you can connect it to your Garmin to record gear changes etc etc.

Will the Garmin be able to tell me the battery percentage of the derailleur and shifter?

Not sure if it tracks gear shifts, but it does report battery % with a warning for low battery (on my Wahoo, can’t imagine Garmin is different).


Shifter battery as well?

(I’ve picked up a GC AXS upgrade kit for the new build and my biggest fear is a flat shifter :sweat_smile:)

I have no idea. Mine haven’t run low enough to get a warning. All I remember seeing in the “connected device” details is the FD and RD battery. I’m 16 months in on my gravel bike and the shifter batteries aren’t even below 59% according to the SRAM app. The derailleurs need charged every few months. I’m rotating among 4 bikes (gravel, mountain, gravel SS, mountain SS) pretty evenly, so YMMV.

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Road etap user, my Wahoo warns me when my shifters are low.


I changed my shifter battery in February. It was the original battery from April 2019. YMMV


Put a reminder in your phone to swap the battery every Spring if you’re concerned and you’ll never run out. I think I have the same battery for 2+ years. It’s a nonissue.


In case of emergency it is possible to change the shifter battery on the road too. Much more convenient to do that at home, but I still carry a spare battery with me. Just like I carry a derailleur battery too.


Has anyone here retrofitted a remote to their Epic Evo? I’m thinking about selling my RM Element for one but definitely would like to add a remote to the rear shock and not sure if it’s easy to retrofit or just a matter of buying a new shock.

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The epic Evo is already set up for a remote lockout, as far as the frame is concerned. Just have to get the shock and lever.

I should clarify, is it possible to retrofit the stock Sidluxe ultimate on the frameset with a remote (easily) or is it just worth buying a new shock that’s setup for RL?

I think you have to buy another shock

Hoping @Jonathan can let us know how he setup his with a RL