2023 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

My xc bike is a 2020 spark rc wc that is a blast and I ride five or so days a week. I’ll probably put a 120 Fox SC on it this spring. I ride it on pretty much everything. High alpine rides in Colorado to some flow.

My other bike is an Orbea Rallon. It’s 160/150 and basically used for bike park days, the couple enduro races, and high alpine rides. It’s a blast. I might ride once a week and I’m okay with that.

The spark I ride on everything. I wouldn’t want a mid travel bike as for me it wouldn’t be enough for the bike park (Trestle, Aspen) and too close to the Spark which again, I have no issues riding on burly ‘down country’ style trails.

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These look great!

It’ll be interesting to see how much weight they’ve gained if they have grown up to 2.4"

I am a Cervelo fanboy (I’ve owned 2 P’s, an R, and an S)…but it just feels wrong to see their name on the downtube of a mountain bike

Disappointed it isn’t at least “aero” :joy:.

On the Pinarello, it seems hard for me to imagine that it’s a frame that would last a long time. It must twist a lot through the bearings etc with the separate rear triangle halves :man_shrugging:.

Looks like the Bontrager XR2

I think it looks like a fast rolling Wicked Will.

I just looked up the XR2 and thought it looks like a Racing Ray.

It’s hard to tell, but those new prototype ones look like they have a generous side knobs which could be good.

I came from a tri background and have always had a soft spot for Cervelo but that bike doesn’t do it for me for whatever reason. Just feels cookie cutter.

As for the Pinarello, whenever I see one all I can think is this is a token status symbol for British people. And yes I know it’s an Italian brand.

Not a good showing for Pirelli so far on trek factory racing.

Anyone happen to know when the SRAM X0 Eagle Power Meter Crankset is going to be available? All the stores just have backordered/coming soon

Was watching short track on friday, was suprised to see the cannondale rider running a racing ralph in the front. Thoughts on this? I assume the ray is pretty close in speed, and the ralph was just for braking and accelerating traction.

Ive noticed some of the young fast u23s around me running racing ray front and rear, I’m assuming for cornering traction.

I guess it doesn’t matter if we cant find them in stock again. Got myself a t7 fastrack to pair with a t5 fastrack rear, and then a renegade, for faster times, and the groundcontrols for fun times.

Looking for some tire advice. Currently have rekon races on my blur tr. I’m located in the PNW, but most of my racing is in the summer where conditions are pretty loose. I actually really enjoy the rekon races for everyday xc riding here, but did my first race on this set up last week and felt pretty sketchy descending at race speed. Anyone have suggestions for a tire that would just be the next step up in grip? I just need a little bit more traction than what these offer.

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Vittoria Barzo font, Mezcal rear.
That’s what’s on my Blur TR.

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More XC Race Tire discussion in here: XC Race Tire Thread - #794 by qwertzuiop

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It seems the Schwalbe XC Pro’s almost exclusively use the Ralph or Thunder Burt.

Interestingly on a couple of articles about the prototype tyres, it’s often mentioned that the Ray is too much tyre for them

Crazy to think as it’s so good, but their skill level is just nuts.

It looked like Schwarzbaumer was running the new prototype tyre on the front in the XCO. I couldn’t see Fluk etc.

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Honestly the reckon race is slow enough, I wouldn’t want to go slower and be racing.

Be tempted to invest in some time sessioning or riding Enduro to get you comfortable riding faster.

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I think that applies to 99% of riders, but here the xc courses are very technical. Most of them will include 1-2 black descents, and a Squamish/whistler black is legit. By way of reference, the BCBR is considered an easy (technical wise) course.

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Anyone use their XC bike on the trainer?

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Yes. It’s all I use on the trainer.

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I just switched to using mine from my dedicated Trainer Bike. I have 3 events this summer (all XC MTB) and want to make sure I’m spending all my time in that position. Also realized my XC Bike had a chain in much, much better shape and wanted to dual record using the bike’s power meter (spider) so I had time to make sure “on bike” FTP was set right.