2023 Triathlon Pro Race Thread



She’s got 7mins on Ryf, it’s on.

Wow - Langridge closed the gap to LCB quickly (sub 9 miles)

I thought LCB would be off the front for a while


Langridge won’t be making any moves for a while now - just chilling in P2

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Maybe not…

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2 bike drafting penalties already….

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handing out drafting or blocking penalties like they are gels

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Major set back for Phillips, could put Haug in 3rd at the end of the day.

Definitely could be a game changer. Haug has been hanging with the chase group too. Should be interesting once Ryf hits the turnaround and decides to drop the hammer. I definitely didn’t anticipate Lauren Brandon towing Langridge on the swim and her going back and forth with Charles. It will be interesting to see how she holds up for the run. I’m just glad to see how deep the women’s field is now.

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Ryf started the bike 6:43 back from Lucy and now 4:26 back at mile 50. If everyone holds pace that would put her with a 2 minute deficit going into the run. But in past years Ryf has started the bike conservative and turned it on in the back half. Plus I don’t know that Ryf wants to be exciting T2 with Haug next to her. Though it’d be fun for us :slight_smile:

It’ll be interesting to see how well Lucy you runs coming back from injury.

Of the top dozen people it seems like Ryf, Haug, Moench, Sodaro, Svensk are probably the ones most likely to run around a 3 flat.

She’s not hanging about is she?

Putting a gap on Lucy with 70km to go.

Ryf is starting to pick it up…

Langridge is having a great race. She seems to be smiling as she accelerates too. This could be her breakout performance. At this point I see Ryf coming in to t2 in 1st though…she is just so strong on those final 30 miles

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I don’t think she has the run… but then again, I didn’t think she had this bike!

The more Brits the merrier :slight_smile:

Argh I have to cycle to work tomorrow and the women’s race is always closer than the men’s. Remember the to and fro for 2nd and 3rd last time? I passed out after that.

Welp…Ryf catches LCB before T2.

Unless she falls apart (always possible in IM and especially Kona), looks like she is gonna win her 6th wreath. Don’t think LCB has the running legs to beat Ryf after her injury.

I was not expecting that pass. Let’s go LCB.


Very early days on the run.

Haug is scaring me now though.

Absolutely…LCB passing Ryf may not mean anything…BUT, Ryf doesn’t look particularly comfortable. She has never been the most graceful runner, though, so who knows…LONG way to go.


As they say, the race starts 30km into the run.

But I’m shagged, I’m going to have to miss the best part.

I’ve watched Lucy come second so many times I don’t know if I could handle the stress of another two hours worrying again. I hope it’s finally her day, I know she can. I just hope she knows it too.


I’m with you there.