2023 Bentonville Bike Fest

I am currently planning to hit the 2023 instance of the Bentonville Bike Fest. My focus is the North American Trials event, but may be hitting some of the trails during my trip. Still working do dial in my travel plans and ride days, but the US National Champ Trials event is my “A-race” of the season.

I figured I’d start a dedicated thread for the event. They have MTB, Bike Trials (National and UCI), and gravel along with clinics and other events. Vendors and festival area along with the regular riding trails in the area.

  • May 25-28

Just adding some info, here are some videos related to the Trials comps that are my favorite type of cycling to ride and watch.

I currently plan to ride the Veteran (40+ age group), that uses the Blue “Sport” level course. If I get my skills dusted off enough, I might setup up to the Master (35+ age group), that uses the Red “Expert” level course. This has several the former pro’s & top level older riders, so not sure I want to see how bad I get my tail handed to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to skip the event this year because of my busted back , but they have live coverage of the UCI C1 Trials this morning.

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