2022 XCO World Cup Discussion (Spoilers)

I don’t think living in California was a good place to be during the Covid lockdown. The Governor of that state tried to lock down all activities. While her competition was training hard and improving, maybe she was stagnating or regressing. Also, it takes a mentally hard person to stay at the top end of XCO racing. If your focus waivers, you won’t stay on top.

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Yes indeed, I went looking for his ride file yesterday, but hes pretty selective with the rides he posts.

What an amazing comparison of riders after the effort; he was on the floor for minutes, and the way Red Bull cut the footage it seemed Pidcock was relatively unaffected. A post workout survey value of 10 vs perhaps an 8 for Pidcock? It was the same for Gaze collapsing when he beat Nino years ago.

Jenny Risveds on the other hand gave up pedalling before the finish line, and almost lost her podium. Then hid in the shade on the ground. The mental aspects are certainly showing.

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And the interviewer is going to bring out Risveds demons if she keeps asking her about how she’s doing confidence wise.

Just watch the post XCO interview.


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OMG yes talk about leading questions!!

“So, you’ve had major mental health problems in the public eye. Today you only came third. Last race you were second. Why didn’t you race more aggressively?”

Sheesh, Jenny did well to stay civil!

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I’m glad I’m not the only one that heard it that way.


Posted by cycloholic on Mtbr… :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


She was also trying to get Pidcock to poo on his sponsors when he mentioned bike problems. He showed why he gets paid the big bucks though.

Couldn’t imagine that race if Nino didn’t flat and Pidcock didn’t have bike issues. Nino was on fire! Most excited I’ve been watching a race!


Nino was moving and because of the flat, he burned all the marches to get back to the front.

Very impressive.

Daskalu (sp) is on the verge as well.


I’d really like to see Vlad on the top step of an XCO WC podium this year. He’s been knocking on the door.

He’s right on the verge, won’t be long.


Where do you guys watch the full race?


What an effort by Nino. Truly awe inspiring. I was heart broken when he flatted and then rooted so hard for him to make it back, it made for an exciting second half. I keep thinking back to it as I’m supposed to be working today. I really hope he gets the record this year. He deserved it yesterday, but that’s life.


It’s gonna be a sad day for XCO when Nino finally retires. In the meantime, he’s poised to take #34



It was maybe a few weeks where we couldn’t ride outside. If anything, mountainbiking has exploded here in California during covid. So much so, that the trails are getting overcrowded!

I think it will be a sad day, but also a good day. More of the younger crowd will step up and then another dominator will come to the front.
Maybe Pidcock….maybe someone else.


Redbull TV….totally free app you should be able to get on any phone, tablet or smart tv. They’ve got a ton of great content on there

Just caught up on the Nove Mesto race. Amazing comeback from Nino. Was pulling for Dascalu to hold off Pidcock in the end but that was one of the more exciting XCO races I’ve seen in a while!


I didn’t listen to the interview, but Pidcock doesn’t even ride many sponsor correct pieces on the MTB side :man_shrugging:.

Incredible racing. Love Nove Mesto!

Absolutely amazing ride by Nino. The speed he was carrying to bridge back to the leaders was immense! He was hitting the rock gardens with a marked increase in speed to the leaders. Not unsurprising to see him fade on the final lap with that many matches burnt but wow! Gutted, but massively impressed!

Awesome to see Cooper finish strongly with returning form. I think he’s starting to find his legs. The slow down from the leaders definitely helped him and gave him some extra mojo for the finish.

Already looking forward to Leogang. Bit of a break until the 10th June though :grimacing:. A lot could change.

Another terrific ride from Bec McConnell. She looks fantastic. Great form and a noticeably more skilled rider than Lecomte and Rissved.

Those darn Aspen ST have an awful lot to answer for this year! Doesn’t give me confidence for my Maxxis XC trial (I know it’s a lot luck/aggressive riding)