2022 XC Bike Thread

Well then you chose the new kid in the block then - I am curious who this bike rides. When it comes to frame set cost you’re in the Spesh area as well.
I bought the Extralite Hyperstem as well but couldn’t use it as the brake lever hit the top tube - something the BC40 has no problem with it’s sloping geo.
What are the reasons for the 165 mm cranks? I pondered using them as well but went with the 170 mm version (for no better reason than the three bikes before had this length as well).

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I had the 165’s from my previous bike so they are just getting carried over.

That’s what I rode in the velodrome for a while and quite like it. Plus the science seems to show that’s theres little to no difference on crank lengths anyway, other than potential marginal sprint performance, also maybe less pedal strikes? Haha

If I have the choice I’ll go 165 but otherwise I won’t stress about it. My gravel bike has 172.5’s cause that what came on it and I’m not changing it anytime soon

Have you had much opportunity to ride/test the Lucky Jacks? I’m thinking about building a wider & lighter set of wheels over the offseason (current on Enve M525 w/ I9 1/1 hubs) and keep coming back to the Dukes, either the Ultra (scary light) or the 6ters in 28mm most likely.

I think I got around 800 km on de dukes, they perform really well and no issues so far. The Duke hubs are also very nice, the 72 ratchet sounds really subtle and cool

Here’s a bike I saw today at a shop.

Looks like it’s about 120mm front and rear. Fast rolling tires. A big dropper - maybe 150mm??- for the technical sections.

And a few nice extras like fenders so you can keep your clothes and glasses clean in wet and muddy conditions. Plus a front light for overcast or darker race days. And maybe the best feature - a rack to carry your groceries so you don’t have to try stuff them into a hip pack.

It looks a little on the heavy side however.



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Needs a burrito bag hanging off the handlebars….

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Anyone know if Specialized has released the 2023 Epic EVO specifications yet, and if not when to expect them? I’ve seen the various threads with “maybe this, maybe that” speculations.



New evo? Are you expecting build kit changes or a new model?

Just curious what the build kits and suspension choices for 2023 will be.

Probably the exact same as 2022.


Agreed, due to ongoing shortages don’t look for a ton of change (which will now be proven wrong because I said “no changes”)

Has anyone bought or demo’d a Factor Lando?

The bike had completely slipped from my thoughts until yesterday when a local distributor advertised it as available.

$7999 for a frameset means it isn’t something I’ll ever end up on, but I did go reading some of the details some more and it’s an interesting build with the DT Swiss shock and fork, fancy pants low maintenance headset, and T47 BB. It’d be interesting to compare with the Allied BC40.

Reviews online were a bit interesting, saying it rode very quickly but had a weird chainline and headset.

New Lapierre Prorace Hardtail just announced:

Did have a quick look in a dealer catalog.
S-Works frameset goes back to rock shox, not sure about complete build.
Pro keeps fox susp but goes eagle axs drivetrain and sram brakes.
Expert looked the same as 2022.


The Fox Pro version has always been on my wish list.

But an EVO with remote lockout would be nice as well, fox or rockshox

Many thanks!

Did the colorways change for the s-work frame?

Frameset is “silver” and “green”

Complete build looked black with hint of blue.

That frameset looks good and I want it but it I’m also guessing that 2024 they’ll have a new epic