2022 XC Bike Thread

Figured this is probably the best place to ask…
My XC bike, '21 Trek Procaliber, currently has a boat anchor of a Judy Silver fork on it. I am wanting to throw a SID Ultimate on there, but can’t decide on the travel. Per Trek, max compatible fork size is 110mm, am I stupid to think about throwing a 120mm fork on there?

I have no problem rolling with a 100mm fork, but as I also use this as my trail bike, an extra 20mm sounds appealing.

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you’re not crazy! But you have to check and see if you are willing to live with the compromises a longer fork will create:

  • Geometry of bike will change
  • Warranty will be voided if running a fork with more travel than maximum allowable

The SID Ultimate with the 35mm chassis can be had as 110mm also by the way!


I might have to look at the 110 then. Though I suppose I have to decide if the extra 3mm diameter, 10mm travel, and the extra price are worth it (and weight, too, but I myself am not a lightweight) compared to the SL.

Definitely. I had a Procaliber and out the SID SL on it, always wish I had more travel. I didn’t know you could get the SID in 110mm or I would have sold the SL to get that.

I don’t have a procaliber but I went the 120mm Sid Ultimate after trying the 100mm sid sl ultimate. All of my A races are bigger fork is noticeably more comfortable. If your races are under 2 hours SL all the way.

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I seem to have arrived at the correct time - I popped in to ask if anyone had moved to a 120mm fork on a MY18 Spark? I have my eye on a SID Ultimate Race Day with 35mm stanchions which will stiffen up the known Fox 32 SC flex also.

I’m wondering if the advertised extra mid stroke support of the SID works well with the “Traction” mode of the rear end at 70mm with its extra compression / lower volume, and what the effect may be on the flats/climbs - before I make a potentially large investment?

It’d be cheaper than my other option, an Epic EVO :rofl: but I don’t want to spoil the handling.

I put a 34 Stepcast 120 on my 2020 Spark rc wc.

So damn fun now.

All the Spark 9xx non RC models came with 120mm forks. I’ve got the 2018 920 which is 120f/120r, thinking of moving it on now as I’m wanting a 100mm dedicated XC race bike.

Indeed - but the rear shock was 120/100. I’m wondering of the effect of 120 upfront and 100/70 out back.

It’ll be fine. Think of all the hardtails running zero in the back.

Anyone have intel on what is coming out of Norco for a new XC bike, I just know that something is coming, LBS wouldn’t divulge the goods on what.

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I just put a 120mm Sid ultimate on my Procaliber; I’ve only ridden it once but I love it. My mechanic did mention it can be reconfigured to a 110 if I felt like the geometry changed too much, but I’m happy with it.


Is it just me, or are there not that many Cannondale Scalpels out there for sale?
Specifically the High Mod.


There are a few on pinkbike.

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Not many of them. I’m intrigued by them, but all the proprietary stuff always keeps me away

I raced a 2018 until getting a supercaliber recently. Great bike, but yes the AI offset was annoying when searching for a new wheelset.

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Did for me as well, then I bought a 2022 Carbon 2 and man is it a great bike. It was between that and an Epic of similar spec, but Shimano equipped Epics were just not showing up in inventory.

Looking at the used market they mostly appear to be prior versions.

Awesome list! Jealous on the Piccolas!

My build will probably be closer to 11kg but its awesome to see what it takes to get sub 10!

To be honest I am not riding on the level I would notice 1 kg additional weight on the bike - the only reason to chase the weight was my OCD when it comes to bike spec. I am sure you’ll enjoy your build as much because the Evo is hell of a bike. Let me know what made it on your part list!

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I’m actually building an Allied BC40! Probably 5 weeks or so until I get the frame set delivered.

In terms of parts, weight is definitely a priority but not totally at the expense of durability.

So far Ive got:

-Allied BC40 frame in medium
-XTR drivetrain, 165mm cranks with stages PM
-Formula Cura X brakes
-Extralight hyperstem 60mm
-Bike ahead composites the flatbar 750mm
-Chris King BB / Headset
-Nobl TR32 rims w/ dt180 hubs and Berd spokes ~1200g
-Sid/Sidluxe ultimate w/ twistlock remote at 120mm
-Tubolight inserts

Have a Mezcal TNT 2.35 for the rear, not sure if I want a Barzo or the new Syerra for the front.

Barzo is lighter/faster; I’m riding in the Colorado front range and that might warrant something a little beefier for day to day riding like the Syerra, but at the same time I kinda just want to try the Barzo as I’ve never ridden it.