2022 XC Bike Thread

This is one data point that speaks to the question I posed above about whether trends will continue towards more suspension even for XC races.

The real question for Specialized will be whether they make the next Epic the same as the Epic Evo in terms of travel, but with the Brain.

I think the geo (and suspension) of the Evo, Blur TR, Spark etc is the fastest combo and a great place to settle. Whether brands continue to push further just for a point of difference will be interesting to see.

Given the weights possible for so much additional capability it seems crazy to not go to the 120mm versions to me.

Or, just go ahead and offer the EVO with lockouts


They’ve planted their flag in the “Brain” for so long it’ll be interesting to see if they are willing to break away from that.

Having a bike that does it’s own locking out is for sure an appealing idea, but it typically adds cost/weight/complications (Brain, LiveValve, Infinity Switch Link)

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Here is my Specialized Epic Evo Pro in a large at 11.7kg or about 25.5 pounds all in. Pedals, Stages L sides Power, K egde mount. Bottle ages and swat box that will be coming straight off. Also swapped the rear tyre for a fasster rolling Fastrak.


That’s true. Will be interesting to see what they do.


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Yeah, I think the ARC 8 Evolve FS is my new want. Looks super fun.

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Question for Spark owners, I just brought my new 910 home and I’m getting it ready for it’s first trip to the trails. Have to put frame wrap on and a new stages power meter. Does anyone have any tips about setting up the suspension? I haven’t used a remote lock out before so was thinking that I should set it up prioritizing downhill performance with the thought that I’ll have it at least partially locked out when I’m more concerned about efficiency.

Anyone seen one of these LeeCougan soft tails out in the wild?

30mm leaf spring rear suspension.
1300g frame.

Not available in my Country but I find this bike pretty appealing.

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Set it up for your use, always for open mode.

I am 77kg and have mine at ~90psi front and~196psi rear. That provides me a supportive platform and allows me to hit most of the things I ride without bottoming out.

The elusive sub 10kg on a FS.

I want to see the parts list!


here we go. Some of the boutique parts I had to source from Craigs List-like platforms and ebay as they are currently not available here in Germany. The spec is better in every respect but in total it was cheaper than getting the complete S-Works build full retail around here.

Not included in the list are sealant, cable housing and all the small bits and pieces unknown that added up to bring the bike to the final weight of 9,99 kg. With more extreme weigh-weenie measures there is still 500 g to be saved but I first have to get rid of parts of my fleet to free some budget - and letting go of a bike is no easy task for me :slight_smile:
Specialized Epic Evo 2021_TR.pdf (21.6 KB)

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I literally had this thought yesterday after I saw a video on the lauf fork’s! This is my kinda dream bike

Photo of  in Bellingham, Washington, United States.

New BMC Four Stroke?



I am in love with my TwoStroke, Id’ love a FourStroke if it had the same head angle and seat angle. My LBS isn’t a BMC dealer any more though!

Is that also a new sram AXS derailleur?

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Interesting new cassette and chainrings

And flat top chain—ugh

chain seems to be very light:
some big holes in the outer plates :crazy_face: