2022 XC Bike Thread

I think you could get this thing pretty light, if that was the goal. The frame weight including shock is only 2500 grams. That is not that much different than a top of the line Epic etc

The SB100 frame is light but not en par with the high-end Epics. For comparison: My medium-sized Epic Evo frame (S-Works) weighs 1820 g.

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Exactly. that’s just 680 grams. Too much for WC racing, but probably more than light enough for people who don’t race bikes for a living :slight_smile:

Some claimed weights (a little bit old though):

  • Specialized S-Works Epic EVO – 1,659g
  • Orbea Oiz OMX (M) – 1,740g
  • Scott Spark RC HMX SL – 1,799g
  • Specialized S-Works Epic – 1,869g
  • Cannondale Scalpel Hi-Mod – 1,910g
  • Trek Supercaliber – 1,933g
  • Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 29 – 1,983g
  • Canyon Lux CF SLX – 1,986g
  • Pivot Mach 4 SL – 2,124g
  • Santa Cruz Blur CC – 2,250g

From an OIZ article here:

My Large Oiz is currently sitting at 24# 6 oz ready to ride with Dropper, Quarq spider PM, pedals, two bottle cages, garmin mount, inner bar ends, sealant, stock Rekon Race tires. I’ll be able to get it down into the 23’s ready to ride with different wheels and tires.


…,and who don’t worship the cruel, fortune-eating gods of weight-weeniedom :slight_smile:


Blur is a chunky one

That’s the Blur 3. Article is dated 2020; Blur 4 wasn’t released until July 2021 I think.
Weight with shock for Blur 4 came in around 1950 I think…

I am surprised over such large differences at the cutting edge of racing! Would have thought it would be much closer! I wonder if those weights were all “apples to apples”, or if some were weighed without shock, hardware etc?

They’re claimed weights, so definitely not apples to apples. I’m pretty sure all DO NOT include shock, but some manufacturers give real “shipped” weight while others do without hardware, or without paint, etc.

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I don’t think the Epic Evo weight includes the shock, not sure about the others.

Some of the claimed weights are sans paint but with hardware, so I would say absolutely “optimal”.

I would hazard a guess that every single manufacturer that provides a weight would do the same though.

You’re right, looking at those weights I bet none include shock. My mental math was not working.

Specialized Epic EVO Review | The new 2021 Epic EVO ditches the Brain.

The lightest frame on the market?

Because the EVO no longer uses the Brain shock and damper, it is now actually lighter than the regular Epic by around 200g. Claimed weight for the S-Works Epic EVO frame is a frankly staggering 1,659g – that’s with the rear shock, thru-axle, hanger and hardware.

grain of salt alert


The Yeti is lighter than I realised. Certainly not XC rocket light, but given it’s capabilities/Yeti’s general penchant for the gnar, I’d say it’s plenty light enough.

I run a 910 Spark (the previous one with Aluminium rear triangle), have always really liked the Norco Revolver 120, and have very much come around on the Top Fuel. None are weight weenie light, but they will all be super fast and could be the perfect bike in different circumstances.

Have a Revolver FS2 (NX Eagle) with a dropper and XTR pedals its ~28.5 lbs.
At some point would like to upgrade the wheels, cassette and throw some ESI grips on which I estimate would cut ~2 lbs. To get it sub 25lbs likely won’t be something I achieve though.

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Question from someone newer to XC: why would anyone get the Epic if the EVO is lighter and has more suspension?

Brain and agility.

Brain means in theory a faster pedaler that goes from open to closed on it’s own (someone can go in more detail/correct this if needed). The 100mm bike is shorter with a steeper HTA.

I think the Evo is a much better overall bike, but if you don’t ride chunky terrain often, or only ride for out and out speed on tight XC trails then the Epic may still be faster.

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Did anyone see the new Fox electronic suspension on the PB YouTube channel? Not very XC and not looking close to XC package yet, but remote lockout and electronic valving / some sensor driven stuff looks pretty awesome.

Saw that, reminded me of Flight Attendant


That’s a great question!
I guess it depends on how much stock you put in the benefits of having the “brain” or not? Marginally lighter fork (stock is a 100mm SID). Marginally steeper HA for those who likes that 67.5 versus Evo at 67.0 (in High setting).

Personally I am really happy with the choice of going for the Epic Evo. I can ride it “slack” or “steep” with the flip chip. In slack mode it’s a killer trail bike that handles black diamond trails with ease. No lockouts to faff with. Great pedaling platform. In “steep” mode it’s a pretty damn efficient XC bike