2021 XC Race Tire Thread

Hello brain trust!

I’ve been running 2.4 Rekon Race (Front 19 psi), and 2.4 Aspen (Rear 19 psi) for a while now and like the combo. Aspen on the front is too loose for my ability, and I like Rekon Race on the rear also during the winter. I am in southern California, so I’m riding dry sand over packed and ruts with 5 miles of med gravel and asphalt to/from my trailhead.

I’m due for some new rubber and wanted to try something new, really just for the sake of experimentation. I have Vittoria and Specialized options readily available, so my question is, what would be the closest to my current setup in those brands?

Thanks in advance!

Specialized FastTrak/Ground Control or Vittoria Mezcal/Barzo. Both of those are a bit slower/grippier in the front than Rekon Race though.

I’d stick with what you have. It’s a super fast combo that’s hard to beat if it’s working for you.


I like the Mezcals but you def need to run them lower than what they say. I notice through uphill rock gardens of baby heads, traction is tough. If I put them at 20 (150 pounds) they work well in those conditions, but then I worry about pinch flatting/tearing sidewalls since they are paper thin. I’m going to put inserts in eventually to assist with that.


I think as stated above an ideal combo is Barzo/Mezcal, but to be honest I think the Rekon Race/Aspen in Vittoria would be the Mezcal/Terreno. That’s not a confident enough combo for me but it might be ideal for you if you’re comfortable with the RR front currently.


Exact same experience. I have to run them much lower, to get the traction I want.

Actually thinking about getting back on my IKONs, but I’d also like to try the Aspens.

So many tires.

The Barzo/Mezcal combo does okay during this time of year, but it’s not as confidence inspiring as I’d like.


I would like to try aspens but they have a lot of exposed casing so I think they may wear out quickly. Maybe ill pick up a set and just use them for races. I’m on ikons right now and I dropped my psi by one and they feel pretty good but tbe aspens looks faster. I am curious how the ikons compare to the rekon races. They look lkke tbey would rode about they same.

The Rekon Race is faster rolling than the Ikon, but lacks braking traction. I’ve ridden the Rekon Race for awhile and liked it, but I just switched to Specialized Fast Traks and am digging the additional traction, especially coming into corners. (Pun intended). I can feel that the Rekon Race is a little faster, but but I’ll take the additional traction over a little bit of speed. I’m pretty sure the Control Casing on the Fast Traks is a little lighter too, but it isn’t enough to really feel, that said, I haven’t had issues with flatting so far, and the slightly bigger knobs on the Fast Trak actually seem to give a little more protection than the more exposed casing on the Rekon Race.