2021 XC Bike Thread

Uh, so jealous. I’ve been trying to get one of these for ages…


I have been waiting for them to show back up on amazon since I got my spark. Can’t bring myself to pay 100+ $ for a bottle cage if you go the international shipping route.

I used to hate hardtails, but this thing now feels incredibly capable after riding gravel so much this year! :slight_smile:

XL Fezzari Solitude
MRP Ribbon SL 120mm Fork
Enve M525 Wheels
ENVE M6 Handlebar and Stem
XTR 11spd Drivetrain (it’s light and was available)
XTR 9100 Race Brakes
Maxxis Rekon 2.4 / Aspen 2.4 Tires
Bike Yoke Devine 120mm Dropper Post
Ergon Saddle
Praxis Cranks with 4iiii Power Meter


Looks like a super light Kona :call_me_hand:. How slack is that HTA? Looks very capable and sprightly.

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Love that build! :smiley:
I am so tempted to snag a SID or 34SC in 120mm (to replace my SID 100) on my Procaliber SL HT. The bike is so fun and capable, that I think a tad more travel and skosh slack from the taller fork might be nice upgrade. Just hard to consider at the price of a fork unless I can guarantee selling the 100mm to offset the difference.


Reminded by @rcole post, what are you guys all running on your XC/DC bikes for brake pads? Metallic or Resin? I have XT two pots and am thinking I ought to try source some spares in case the delay is a long time.

Semi-metallic for me (Jagwire Pro). I’ve preferred them to OEM for all my SRAM brakes: Force, Level TLM and G2 RSC.


+1 to this for Sram

For Shimano, I’m running J04C full metallic which work very well for me.

I have a set of MTX pads to try out soon


Same here. My dealer told me that there was no way he could sell me one this calendar year, and probably not Q1 2022 either. But they do have a Blur incoming and I’ll likely get that.

I’m running J04C full metallic too and I’m really happy with the performance in all conditions.

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No kidding. I think best bet to get one this year is to look pre-owned. My dealer couldn’t get them either.

So far my impressions are very positive. Mine runs the Fox setup so keep that in mind. I did consider a remote lockout, however after riding I think I will not. Reaching for the switch is easy when required, obviously in firm mode it turns into hardtail like efficiency. In the trail mode it feels like “traction” mode, which is good for most shorter climbs. To me, it is easily race-able, and competitively at that. It is very much an XC bike. Last year I rode a Stumpjumper a few times and couldn’t stand it for efficiency. I’ve raced since I was a teen (now 38), so have enough experience to see if it will work. Right now I am also running it in high mode on the flip chip. I haven’t tried low, but I likely will keep it as is as I prefer quicker steering for tight climbs.

Also keep in mind how long you plan to keep the bike, versus how long the Brain may be supported for.

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The worst part is that I’ve had one on order since August maybe? Spesh said it would be Oct delivery, then Jan, then TBD, and that hasn’t changed since. Maybe I’ll just give up on it and go the Spark or Blur route…

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Looks amazing and impressive weight considering you have a 34 fork

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Probably 67.5º ish

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Awesome, just need a dropper and it will be sweet.


On order with 9point8! :grin::+1:

The 2022 34’s are quite a bit lighter too which was helpful.

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Bummer, my new Blur just got pushed from next week until next month. Hopefully I’m not posting the same in July, then August, then…

It has arrived. 2021 Vitus Rapide VR. 29er. 110mm Reba. 1x11 Deore. 27.5lb in XL. Perfect XC bike to get my feet wet in MTB racing.